9 thoughts on “Imitations, by Ashli Orion.”

  1. Ashli should have her own TV show where she’s high all the time just like this.

  2. HaHa, that shit is too funny, kinda makes sense if that chick Sadie west is schizo though because she fucks like she’s possessed by the devil in her scenes.

    As for Ashli O, she needs to find a new hairdresser, it looks like she cuts her hair with a pair of garden shears.

  3. No, fuck you guys. She’s on one and she just rambles on with names. I like the previous princess better because she didn’t do that. Billy is growing on me.

    IM starting to take everyone case by case now.

  4. LOL Billy, I detected more a hint of sarcasm in your tone when you mentioned the “always pleasant” Lisa Ann… Have you had any less than savoury experiences with her? There seem to be countless stories about her and her, uh, let’s say “prickly” demeanour and something tells me that her doing, say, a gloryhole scene (or anything else that she’d likely consider “beneath” her) would NOT bring out her nice side…

    And WHAT on Earth is going on with Miss Orion’s fringe?? Did she cut her hair with a lawnmower or something?

    (Not that I wouldn’t swim through a vat of sulphuric acid just to have a chance at banging her, of course…)

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