Super Fun E-Mails.

Katie Thomas

My Old Pal (not the real) Ron Jeremy writes:

Hope all is well and that you enjoy the holidays. A few random questions I was hoping you could answer:

1. Ever had male talent pass gas while shooting “eat some ass“? If not I would encourage you to feed male talent broccoli, beans and such before scenes. The reaction of the female talent would be priceless.

2. Which male talent most often appears on girl’s “no I won’t do a scene with him” list?

3. I came across a clip on the web featuring wesley t pipes. He was sweet talking a blonde in a driveway and the scene was shot from a distance so you could see the two standing next to one another. I was shocked at how short Wesley appeared, or perhaps the blonde was very tall. He appeared to be so short that I did not see him as a fierce, scary negroe, but rather as a porch monkey that might do tricks and tell jokes at a party in return for some bananas, a bottle of booze and a pat on the head. How tall is that negroe?


Here ya go, and in the same format as you asked them…back at ya!

1) Yes. Here’s some free salad tossing movies from the scene in which the gal gets a blast of gas in the face.

2) Brian Pumper.

3) Wesley Pipes is almost 6 feet tall, I bet. Which means the blonde was very tall. And I dare you — I fucking double dare you — to call him a porch monkey to his face.

As always, keep in touch bro! It’s always fun to get your e-mails.

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