11 thoughts on “The Difference Between Jesus & Obama?”

  1. Billy, Ashley Reeves deleted her twitter and her profile was removed from Foxxx Modeling. What did you do?!? lol. Good thing you got the scenes with her shot when you did.

  2. Jesus was Jewish… are we considered “brown skins”? Most Jews I know are as white as anyone else.

  3. Remember, Mark G, that Judaism is a Theology…not a Nationality. Jews, like Christians, and Muslims, and Hindus, and Atheists, and Buddhists (what else am I missing?) come in all shapes and colors.

  4. @mark g:

    I don’t think you would have seen too many Ashkenazi Jews in Israel around the time of jesus birth. I think it is a pretty safe bet to assume Jesus might have looked Sephardi if not entirely middle eastern in complexion.

    So maybe not brown, but olive?

  5. Jesus allegedly lived in a heavily arabic region of the world, and as such would likely have had olive or brown skin. Many scholars and historians support this theory.

    The Jews you’re (Mark G)familiar with are probably of European descent.

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