Super Fun Comments: And a Happy New Year to You, Fine Sir!

Katie Kox interracial sex movies
A dude calling himself “Reality” commented on a somewhat recent blog post:

You have to laugh at just how self destructive the porn industry really is. Come on! Wake up, people. Grown men worrying about the size of another mans penis. Does that sound right? Jacking off to some nigger thug that these idiots watching this shit, wouldn’t like to be alone in a room with that nigger. The two faces of death, self esteem and coverups. You think that any of you are going have kids and raise a family? Nah you’re too worried about what white bitch is going to fuck the next nigger. Get a fucking life. The killer porn industry is full of death, disease, AIDS, murder, reckless living and abuse. No other industry kills more people. That’s a fact. Take a good look at these women. Tattoos, piercings, different colored hair, self esteem issues. The internet makes these girls heros when they’re nothing but a flash in the pan on their way to nowhere. Just like the people who watch this shit. I’m sure that one day the blogger Billy Watson will be found in a cold room hanging from a rope or overdose on some pills. That’s reality. Take a look outside the box. Your life sucks.


I love my Readers.

Really, I do. You would think otherwise, just cause I haven’t shown up around here lately…but every once in a while the blogger Billy Watson needs a break, or else I just might hang myself…or swallow a bottle of Oxies.

I love it even more when my readers leave comments. It really adds to the blog. Great content, and never censored…unless some Foolio feels the need to expose one of the Porno Princess’s real name.

Love me or hate me. Kiss me or kill me. I post your comments every time!

Oh! The Holidays! Family fun. And the gifts: books and music, mostly. I got 6 pairs of underpants, too. They’re the clingy kind, mid-length brief, and they’re kinda tight, which means when my pants are down around my ankles, my average-sized wiener looks way bigger than it actually is.

Cause all I ever really worry about it the size of other mens’ penises, and how they compare to mine. And I know I’m one of the few men on the planet who worrys about penis size…that’s for sure. Well, me and the men caught up in my dirty, filthy bidness. No one else.

When I was a stockbroker, I watched a fellow broker OD on coke right after the market closed. Went to the bathroom to fuel up for afternoon cold calls, then sat down to start dialing, fell back in his chair, foamed up around the mouth, flopped around like a fish out of water, pissed his pants…and died.

From a previous post o’ mine:

Commercial Fishing: 129 deaths per 100,000 people employed in the industry and 61 injuries per 100,000 for 2008.

The Timber Industry includes loggers, lumberjacks, and helpers. It held the Number One spot for many years with 92.4 deaths per 100,000 workers in 2006 – a decrease from 118 in 2002. In 2008, fatalities increased to 116 Deaths per 100,000 workers.

Collectors of Refuse and Recyclables – Garbage Collectors and Professional Recyclers. These jobs have increased in numbers and have become deadlier. With the increasing number of businesses, dwellings, and vehicles in America, drivers and material movers are at increased risk of traffic-related accidents and/or being some other way injured by their machinery. Drivers of trucks and other sorts of commercial vehicles are more at risk as greater numbers of vehicles are put onto the streets as populations grow.

I have yet to see someone perish on a porn set. Haven’t heard of it, either. I do know of two incidents where the Stunt Cocks’ penises exploded. I blogged about that recently, too, but I’m too lazy to find the post to hyperlink it.

I do have some ex-porno pals who have started families and are doing an excellent job of raising their kids; however, most people who get into porn aren’t really 9-to-5 I-Wanna-Have-A-Normal-Life kinda people.

Go figure.

(And here’s where I’d put on my sarcastic voice if we were talking to one another over a beer.) Take a look at the younger generation, would ya? It’s just killing me! Are they fucked up or what?! Tattoos! Piercings!! Different colored hair!!! The world is coming to an end, I’m tellin’ ya!!!!

All women have self-esteem issues — whether it be a Porno Princess or the Girl Who Just Rang Up Your Grocery Bill.

All men have self-esteem issues — some just hide it better than others. Depends on how much cash they got in the bank.

I have self-esteem issues. Ever since the girl I loved most ended it a long, long time ago, I’ve always had this little part of my brain that tells me — over and over — I’ll never find The Right One.

Weird, huh?

One thing I don’t have is guilt issues, even living the last 8 years (or so) as a Pornographer. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it over and over and over: porno is a vice, like booze, like liquor, like gambling. One of the legal vices that makes life worth living. I mean really — imagine having to actually rely on your GF or your wife for your sexual fulfillment.

I just hate it when Angry Guilt-Ridden Dude nuts after jacking to porn, then assumes a silly name, jumps on different internet blogs and discussion boards, and attacks my biz…or me…or the Porno Princess who helped him nut.

Makes me wanna hang myself sometimes.

Or take a bunch of pills.

In a cold room.

25 thoughts on “Super Fun Comments: And a Happy New Year to You, Fine Sir!”

  1. porn is a necessary evil. but i wouldn’t want my mom, my sister, or my wife in it. would you?

    it’s like a nuclear power plant. i want the cheap energy but as far as the smokestacks – “Not In My Back Yard”.

    as far as the tattoos on porn princesses – i think it’s an awful trend and personally for me it’s a real turn off when some hot porn girl marks up her beautiful pristine body with ink. Dave Mustaine from Megadeath was once asked why he didn’t have any tattoos – his answer – “Never, you don’t put a bumper sticker on Mercedes-Benz.” i agree.

    Happy New Year Billy. and please don’t off yourself.

  2. I have a sneaking suspicion that Reality’s wife/girlfriend/de facto/gold fish had a little affair with one of these “niggers”, and in an attempt to dull the pain, is now on an internet crusade to attack the credibility of anything whore-ish and nigger-ish.

    Oh, internet. I love thy..

  3. Er, Billy… you haven’t heard of someone dying in porn? Is your memory really that short? Hint: samurai sword – ring any bells?

  4. “All women have self-esteem issues — whether it be a Porno Princess or the Girl Who Just Rang Up Your Grocery Bill.

    All men have self-esteem issues — some just hide it better than others. Depends on how much cash they got in the bank.”


  5. Haters are amusing so have fun with em. The blog, the site, and most ethnic niches in general wouldn’t be nearly as entertaing without some hothead stirring things up. I’ve just come to accept the haters and critics as-is.

    I remember I came across this blog about 3yrs ago back when I decided to re-enter the adult industry after a lengthy break. Billy gave me some basic camera/equip advice and told me something to the extent of dude don’t take it too seriously it’s JUST a fucking movie. Those words echo stronger on the daily because many end users take porn for more than entertainment. They are pissed. They want to cut your fucking head off for fucking with “their” women (I film a native american porn site by the way) and I receive on average at least 3 death threats per week just for having a silly ass website up. You learn exactly what people think of niggers once they bone their coveted (insert race) women. As a black guy I can say that making these movies is somewhat of a social experiment for me. My site landed me on the news and in a dozen papers last month just due to offended groups playing the race/victim/hater card. but I digress..

    interracial Porn is raw. It cuts through the bullshit that’s why I make it. People are all basically animals when butt ass naked and it’s just interesting to see how we respond/react to this sex thing. Most get uptight, some get offended, some get aroused, and me, I just laugh and smile. Peoples human reactions are what astounds me the most.


  6. Billy,
    Man, you really almost brought that around full circle, like I know people have commented on the similarities between your writing style and Sedaris’ in the past, and at other times it was truer, but right now I’d like to be a non-asshole reader/responder(which you do have plenty of, and maybe one said the same thing I am saying but I missed reading it), I think you should really take some time to fine-tune your writing and start trying to make a living off of that. The problem with the poster who keeps on typing (never saying aloud) nigger nigger nigger is that he himself has some issues that he projects onto an “inferior race,” (namely said retard’s “niggers,” because of course they are inferior, dad and mom/auntie said so), and that he has jacked off to porn starring “niggers” numerous time, and that he is also (yup this is a run-on sentence) more than likely some weak-chinned white guy who is hopefully not yet on a sex offender registration list (see, I didn’t say “cracker-assed-cracker who cries himself to sleep once). But yeah, that’s him. And to not so subtly conclude this, Billy, FUCK PORN, you should really apply yourself to writing (maybe about porn, maybe not). I’ve read enough of your blogs to see that sometimes it really is what you enjoyed doing.

    P.S. Whatever happened to Jack Hate from The domain is down, and honestly, I found his writing to be hilarious. Like, I don’t even care what happened to him, I just would like access to his postings again. You, at one point, had a link to his blog (that is how I found it), If you could point the way to it it would be much appreciated.

  7. P.S.S., for Shimmy above man, drop your price down to 20 bucks a month with an explicitly stated list of what you are actually paying to get, and you’ll probably triple your subscription rate. People have been burnt, ain’t worth 30 bucks to experiment, and you really gotta lay it out: Are all movies fully downloadable in a decent quality format? Are they ALL available in full scenes (there is NOTHING worse than subscribing to a porn website for a random specific old girl you saw in a trailer and later realizing that you could only get it two minutes at a time, really it sucks and makes you just say fuck that website, I wouldn’t have paid for this shit if I knew it was gonna do this cuz it is hard to jack off to)? If so, or if there is some discount out there for it, just let it be known. Otherwise, man I might just try it for a month, but if I feel ripped off afterwards I’ma post about it so often that your death threats might double, because you might have caught a bit of lightning in a bottle.

  8. P.P.S.

    That is the correct term. And that was already incorrectly done, so P.P.P.S.

    Shimmer, if you just put the most attractive Native American girls on view for guests, and then when someone becomes a member they see obese, deformed/pregnant girls there, you are an asswipe. I have had this happen to myself, and the guy who ran that porn site actually said, “I sure as hell ain’t gonna let these hoes show up for pub.” That is a paraphrasing, but true. Ugly, fat, pregnant girls, and honestly they can be ugly as long as they are not fat be very very slack standards, and they are not pregnant, by no standard at all. Don’t make people who sign up for your junk regret it. I’ma get a subscription this month, if it is screwed and they are fat/pregnant/you can’t keep your dick hard for a 7+minute interval to fuck them, I am going to be very pissed.

    Maybe the site is great, and I will find out and sing its praises. Hopefully it is, cuz this a recession hot damn, there ain’t money to be wastin on disappointing or unjackoffable porn.

  9. Billy there was a little more to it than that. Didn’t the murder take place in a porn studio? Therefore it technically did occur on the “job site” regardless of whether they were working or not (and in porn it’s rather hard to define “work” as it’s not exactly a salary-based career!).

  10. Interracial porn is here to stay. One indication of that is what was once overweight, older, less attractive white women doing sex scenes with black men there are now more playboy- vivid video type white women getting more into interracial porn than ever and even now there are more recognized mainstream black male pornstars like Flash Brown, Shaundam, Derek Skeeter, Jason Brown just to name a few. So like it or not interracial porn is here to stay and it`s getting bigger and better and more popular than ever. I think because it`s fantasy and interracial is still somewhat taboo so that adds to the excitment and also the large size myth of black men also add to the interest and for a white man like myself seeing him/them (black men) having sex with a white woman is a dark secret fantasy a turn on that interests alot of like minded individuals who are interested in such.

  11. Billy, please keep doing what you’re doing — especially with this blog. You’re a smart, funny dude and you write an interesting blog….gets boring when not writing.

  12. “porno is a vice, like booze, like liquor, like gambling.”

    Gambling can be very expensive and liquor can cause a lot of health problems. Porno, on the other hand, is very cheap and risk-free. Nobody ever robbed banks or lost a kneecap to a loan shark over a porn addiction. Nobody ever got liver and brain damage from too much porn.

    “imagine having to actually rely on your GF or your wife for your sexual fulfillment.”

    Some men don’t want to sleep with their wives/GF’s and their wives/GF’s don’t want to sleep with them. Give the guy some porn to help relieve himself and everybody wins.

  13. At least in America one can follow their dreams and star in naughty movies, embracing a life of being molested by men on camera. In some less fortunate countries, all we can do is dream…. *sigh*…. *insert unhappy face*

  14. The people getting truly angry about this need something else to do, jacking off to it then going on an anger binge can’t be healthy no matter what side of the fence your on.

    As a white guy my reaction to all this black guy / white girl porn is boredom. Certainly not because i don’t like white girls and not because of any bad feelings about the black guy, simply cause it’s harder for me to imagine it’s my dick doing those things to the girl if the dick is completely different looking then mine. It’s hard enough with some of the huge white guys, pretty much impossible if it’s a huge black guy. I am complete indifferent to it from any other perspective, just another guy scoring some pussy , good for him if you ask me.

    Anyways that’s why my favorite sites Billy shoots for are Gloryhole Initiations and CumBang, black girls sucking off white guys, now that’s something we need more of.

  15. Billy – can we get an update to this post?

    Porn’s Final Days?
    October 4, 2009 at 7:04 am

    have things in the industry gotten better, worse, or stayed the same?


  16. this is weare all people like to perform.
    eager to watch it.
    performance is cause of it.
    its kind of joyfull


  17. Bobsm – When a white guy watches a black man doing a white woman, they don’t imagine it’s them doing it. They have a cuckold fetish. A cuckold is similar to a voyeur, except a cuckold gets turned on by the humiliation aspect of being excluded and only being able to watch. The reason black men are usually involved in the cuckold scene is because it makes the white guy feel more excluded, and that makes it more humiliating and exciting for him.

    The more racists the cuckold is, the more exciting it becomes for them. Their racism equals their humiliation and their humiliation equals their level of excitement.

    No doubt “reality” here is an extremely racists cuckold.

  18. I’ve just started reading your blog. It’s quite an interesting read, congratulation!

    This post reminds of a French movie called “The Pornographer” by Bertrand Bonello. Jean-Pierre Léaud is playing an aging porn director, who had a nice carreer in the 70s, but has a hard time working in the 2000s.

    A young journalist interviews him at the end of the movie, asking him if he does not feel ridiculous to have made a living from porn. The answer is wonderful and intense, dignified, something like: “Madame, like it or not, filming people who are fucking is a job, a real work, and I am good at it. There is nothing more to say”.

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