11 thoughts on “In Memorium: John Leslie”

  1. The world has lost one of the greats & the most influential person in my life.

    As a teen I discoved John’s movies and I would study them constantly, trying to mimic his style. The man had it all, acting chops, talented musician, singer, comedic timing.. the list goes on.

    So now, as I sit here writing this & listening to John’s album – In The Kitchen, I am saddened but I am also thankful that the brilliant work he’s left behind will live on forever.

    R.I.P John Leslie, my idol.

  2. What to say.

    I grew jerking to “The Voyer” and “Fresh meat” series.

    Very good director.

    R.I.P John.

  3. According to Wackypedia he died of a heart attack at home. Damn shame, one of the great “sick old fucks” in porn. Makes me feel old, I first saw him in “Autobiography of a Flea” when I was in college. He will be missed.

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