Various Random, Short, Declarative Statements.

sarah shevon panda golden shower fetishRemember Bill Nye The Science Guy? He was lecturing at USC last week, and in the middle of it, he passed out. I guess he’s fine now, but as he lay there, on the floor, no one helped him; instead, they were capturing the special moment with their camera phones and hustling to be the first to Twitter the news.

My banking woes have been solved; the thief’s are just beginning.

Book just finished: You Never Give Me Your Money — the depressing story of the Beatles from 1968 to present, including each and every one of their lawsuits, which put literally hundreds of lawyers’ kids through expensive private schools. Well…maybe not hundreds.

Book just started: Life — Keith Richards’ autobiography (he did get some help from a cat I’ve never heard of named James Fox) is worth reading for the first chapter alone.

Exhibit just visited: “Charles Bukowski: Poet on the Edge” at the Huntington Library — you don’t really know this, but I’m a geek-boy fan of Mr. Bukowski’s; he’s the reason I started to write…even if it’s accumulated into nothing much more than a silly porno blog.

Recent Shows Attended: We Are Plastic Ono Band (awesome), Torche (an in-store @ Vacation Vinyl), Gorillaz (wow!), Superchunk (an acoustic in-store @ Origami Vinyl) and Stone Temple Pilots (one of my guilty pleasures).

Recent show I missed and really wanted to see: Best Coast.

Iron & Wine’s cover of New Order’sLove Vigilantes” is my favorite song of the year…so far. (Honorable mention: STP covering Zeppelin’s “Dancing Days” at their LA show.)

I’m addicted to Twitter. It’s all about the information I choose to receive, as opposed to the information I choose to share.

I only buy records with a digital download included…unless the record is out of print.

I don’t practice yoga enough.

After 13 years, South Park just keeps getting better and better. The writing team for that show are comedic geniuses. If you don’t believe me, take a few minutes and watch Creme Fraiche.

Walking Dead, Walking Dead…Walking Dead!

One of the only good things about getting older is I don’t have to nut each and every day.

I haven’t gone to a movie in a long, long time.

Favorite models I’ve shot recently: Heather Starlet, Violet Monroe, Charley Chase, Nichole Taylor, Kimberly Gates, Lexi Bloom, Lizz Tayler, Gigi Rivera, Giselle Leon, and Sarah Shevon.

4 thoughts on “Various Random, Short, Declarative Statements.”

  1. Charles Bukowski is excellent. Loved: ‘Post Office’ and ‘Women’. His poetry was very hard-hitting and realistic. He knows street life and is definetly not a phony.
    He goes good with Elmore Leonard.
    Can you expand on the Huntington Library ehibit ?

  2. Well, if reading bukowski leaded you to write a porn blog, don’t you think he’ll be laughing like hell, isn’t it?

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