Please Be My Friend – Please.


Much to my brother’s dismay, I’ve started a myspace. He thinks myspace is totally fucking gay, but I think World of Warcraft is totally fucking gay, so that kinda evens out the playing field.

In case you’re wondering about today’s picture, it’s my little brother, back when he was a kid. He fell on his skateboard while attempting to ride it down the sidewalk, and he hit his head. He ended up in special school for a while, and the fall really did its damage. He was quite a handful growing up, as seen here tethered to the monkey bars during his math class. The fall also accelrated his testosterone output; hence the bushy beard and his urge to hump anything that “smells nice” – an unfortunate thing we tolerate to this day.

He’s somewhat better now – and I’ll hand it to games like WOW…it calms him after something riles him up. We simply wipe the drool from his beard, change his underpants, and sit him down at the computer – one already signed in to WOW.

Anyways, I’m not sure what to make of myspace, except it’s a lot like high school: popular people basking in their popularity, and nerdy people trying very hard to be cool, and nerdy people not giving a fuck if they’re nerdy, and all the oddballs, out in the foray, lurking in the darkness, kind of looking in on it all. And everyone’s carrying their yearbooks – all of them desperately hoping to get it signed.


I hear lots of things come from a myspace account: I hear of new friends being made, new business contacts happening, new and exciting things going down all the god damn time; primarily, of course, sex comes out of myspace. LOTS. Shit, it seems everyone is getting laid off myspace.

Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky.

At this point, I’d even settle for some crumbs.

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