7 thoughts on “And The Bears Debate.”

  1. Both bears are pretty stupid. The brown bear is insane and the peach bear fails to realize he’s doing the same thing as the brown bear but he’s just focusing on talking points from CNN. The peach bear doesn’t want the country to become a place that it already is with the exception that abortion is legal.

  2. Peanut, you’re a moron.
    Don’t make a false equivilance between Peach Bear and BrownBear. BrownBear is a moron, a follower of Limbaugh, a difficult shallow person who will fight the logical world because it’s not following his fantasy of how it should work. In another part of the world, people like that would become the Taliban. The fact that they’re becoming mainstream is a very bad omen for this country.
    I’m with BrownBear. And you should be too.

  3. St you seem like an idiot. The peach bear is most likely a Rachael Maddow and Olbermann CNN cheerleader. As if coroporate owned news was some sort of wonderful source of information. The talking points peach bears brings up show how lost fake liberals and fake conservatives are in this country. The fact that BrownBear has become mainstream is just a sign of how fucked up this country is. The fact Peach bear is seen as some sort of “rational thinking” shows that this country can’t be saved. And to think you would call people like BrownBear terrorists like the Taliban because they think differently just goes to show how Orwellian things have become. I’m not down with groupthink. You and PeachBear can have that cake for yourselves.

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