Spring Thomas

Spring Thomas

For a while, we shot nothing but softcore. No crazy black dudes on set. No waiting for wood. No waiting on pops.

It was really nice, looking back on it, and easily my favorite work with Spring Thomas. We’d make a few hours out of it, like figure out where we were gonna shoot, then shoot, then grab a bite to eat or just hang out afterwards.

Take a look at the beach shot at my secret little cove in Malibu. What a great place to shoot! It’s secluded, and it’s rocky enough to keep pesky gawkers away, but it’s close enough to be there in about 10 minutes from public parking. One other person was there that day, and as he watched Spring prance around naked on the beach, he told me he once dated a famous Playboy Playmate. I dunno about that, but I do know about the whale Spring and I watched as we were heading back to the parking lot. We were up crossing the rocks, and not too far from the beach, a whale was basking in the sun.

My friend had a porno house in Northridge for about 3 weeks. He lost it cause he didn’t keep a low profile, and when you do that sort of thing – even in Porno Land – the cops will shut it down. And that’s exactly what happened to him, but not before I shot some sets at his pad, my favorite of which where these back yard shots. I had one of those gold discs pro photographers use, and even though I’m far from being a pro, I gave it a whirl. I think she looks amazing.

I wonder if she’s gonna hate these pictures, too.

Spring’s slowed down a bit lately, but who can blame her? There’s still plenty of unseen footage for her site, so that’s a good thing.

It just would be nice to see her again.

Spring Thomas

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