Super fun e-Mails: The Sun is Setting, Rapidly…

Tori Lux cuckold sessions
Truman writes:

You haven’t blogged lately. It’s like when 3000 years ago and the Egyptian Gods were silent, warning us of an impending invasion of locusts….

The sun is setting in the West (Death) and we mortals sit, huddled along the Nile. The reeds are growing limp.

What’s going on? We implore an explanation. Is there anything we can do to help the Sun rise in the morning, Billy-Ho-tep?

Snap your whip against the impending disaster, we pray!

Either that, or just tell us how you’re doing.

I’m just dandy, Truman, although my blogging skills haven’t been lately. I know I’ve said this before, but I’m always worried about sounding like a broken record, even for the few readers I have left. It’s pretty amazing how fast people flee when they sense a blog is dead, and I don’t blame them.

It’s tough to blog, too, when nobody gives a shit, and really, that’s how I can sum up the online biz since about 2008 or so: no one gives a shit.

Well, maybe that’s not true. People do care, but not enough to pay for it anymore.

There was a day when people coveted their porn. Smut was something that wasn’t really easy to come by, and when you got it, you treasured it. Sounds creepy, I know, but it’s true. We all had some sort of hidden stash o’ smut somewhere. For me it was a fort out in the middle of the Arizona desert (until I was 15) and then it was under the corner of the carpet in my closet throughout high school. When porno came to VHS I’d just rent and return.

We all know it’s not anything close to pirate’s treasure; in fact, it’s totally disposable. Totally available. Totally for free. Totally grown limp, on the bank of the river Nile, ready to die.

This is the part I was talking about…sounding like a broken record.

What next?

Is there a next?

For me, anyway. I mean it’s not like I can just jump back into a classroom; I’m tarnished goods. It’s not like I can find a job outside of what I was trained for, cause we all know what the current State of the Union as it pertains to Employment. But I gotta think of the future, right? And until The Powers That Be sit down with Apple and Microsoft and concoct some sort of way to make it difficult to play media files the end user hasn’t paid for…well, I just don’t see it getting better anytime soon.

I’m not just talkin’ smut, either; mainstream movies and the music business are dying on the vine, too.

All this kinda depresses me, and when I’m depressed, I don’t wanna blog. I just kinda wanna boo-hoo in my morning coffee and then start my day.

One thing that cheered me up was Melanie Rios, who’s showing off her tremendous camel toe today for you guys. I also like taking arty-farty pics of naked girls in a Panda mask. And did I tell you I just found a copy of a really rare Wilco record I didn’t even know existed? Or how I got to listen to Julian Schnabel introduce the Dennis Hopper show at MOCA?

Think anyone’s ever gonna pay for porn anymore, or has the sun already set? And does anyone even care about a filthy, perverted smut peddler and how he pays his bills? Or will it take a complete cease and desist of porno production before anyone notices?

Think I can pull my head out of my ass enough to blog, say, every three or four days this month?

Think I can be gay for Wilco through 2012?

Will we even be here after 2012?

Only time will tell.

Your pal,

Billy-Ho-tep Watson

26 thoughts on “Super fun e-Mails: The Sun is Setting, Rapidly…”

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and check for new posts every few days. Hpe you can keep it going cos it really interesting and as far as I know, pretty unique.

    Hope that helps with the motivation, however tiny an amount!

  2. Love the website, and a few of the sites. The wife and I enjoy your posts regularly, it’s a shame that the business is suffering of late and we do our best to do our part to support it 😉

  3. Hi Billy,

    I always enjoy your blog. It’s a great combination of wit,snark and porn. I hope you will keep writing.

    I was happy to read about the way you helped your female performer get past her panic attack. There is no reason to treat the women like sub human DNA collectors the way some other directors do. That’s why you get quality talent and good performances from them. Not to mention the occasional invitation to play.

    Your pal,

  4. well, Mr. Bill, some of us haven’t read your ‘broken’
    record blog before. just like that Wilco album you never
    knew existed….some of us only recently found your blog.
    so, yes, you can be ‘green’ and recycle/reuse topics again.
    maybe tweak with a current comment or two. regardless,
    since i think i have Alzheimer’s, whatever you blog
    will be new to me. blog on Garth.

  5. I share the concerns you addressed in the post wrt people not paying for smut, music, or movies.

    Here’s what I think. There are people that are willing to look at a very pixelated movie that’s barely discernable because, quite frankly, they don’t care. These are most likely the same people that couldn’t be bothered with discerning the quality difference of hot dog meat and kobe beef.

    As it relates to porn, don’t know what the future holds. Entertainment companies will probably start digitally water marking content and make the onus of enforcing illegal downloading the cable companies’ domain. I do think it will probably help, but people are really going to fight to keep the internet the thing they pay thirty dollars a month for so they can steal 40,000 dollars of content a year.

    The other solution would be to pool everything onto the internet, make it all free on demand and then charge tiers of service coming form the provider that will grant you certain on demand access. Some are testing this model out, like Hulu, Zune, and others. This might be a viable option *if* the cable companies can really crack down on P2ps and other forms of piracy.

    Other than that, I don’t know what to tell you, dude. The industry is shriveling as a whole, but I don’t know if someone sees value in internet subscriptions on an individual basis, and porn has been so vilified and marginalized that it’s not as if you can just go and find some whopper family oriented website to advertise on. It’s sort of a niche’ and it appears (after reading your thoughts for a while) that these people will take it for free if they can. It’s probably that way with everything; if someone told me that I shouldn’t steal a car but didn’t make a severe consequence for doing so, I’d have to say I’d have a few in the parking lot right now.

    So, support internet reform, and punish scofflaws to the maximum. They’re stealing from you.

  6. you know….I think you guys have the same problem/are in the same situation as the car industry…and for the same reasons…..think about it….they pumped out way too much product/cars, where now they are just seating around either collecting dust and rusting off at dealers and warehouses….same with you guys….been pumping out so much porn that now the fact that there is too much, actually works against you…it’s everywhere….it’s devaluated…….most of the time when there is less of one thing, esp. if liked, it is perceived as more valuable….but now, w/ porn hemorrhaging all over the place, how can it be??…

    as for micro$oft/apple trying to make things more difficult to play stolen/copyrighted stuff….well they are trying hard!…problem is, people on the other side are often smarter and crack the shit as soon as it comes out…movie protections/games/music…doesn’t matter….

    you did mention something interesting in an earlier blog recently….and that is that some girls are now just starring in movies occasional, and are making most of their cash doing privates…..hmmmmm…..then, it seems to me that the biz model should be more like advertising….where the whores are PAYING YOU to be in movies, instead of the other way around!….hell, you’re advertising for them, then why not charge these sluts!……seems to me like a logical way the biz model could go in, money-making wise….

    to be honest, I’m kinda shocked you guys still have any money to pay these whores…..w/ all the desperate new faces trying to get in, you should strong arm them into even cheaper payments….

  7. Hey Billy you bring up some good points. In all honesty I havent paid for my Porn in a long time. Most of the content out there is pretty repetitious, I think it take something really special to get people to pay at this point.

    That being said I love your blog and come check in on the site every few days just to see if you have something to say. You give us schmucks a view into a world we may dream of being in but are probably too chicken shit to ever join.

  8. Hi billy, ive red your blog for a long time and visit almost every day to see if there is something new, even to re-read some old posts, I enjoy your writing u could write about almost anything i would read it. Cheers from Guatemala, Central America.

  9. @backstabbed,

    I think you made a very small stab at very complicated problem with the car analogy. Cars don’t sell now because banks don’t loan money for people to buy them, and people don’t save. But, I digress…

    [i]as for micro$oft/apple trying to make things more difficult to play stolen/copyrighted stuff….well they are trying hard!…problem is, people on the other side are often smarter and crack the shit as soon as it comes out…movie protections/games/music…doesn’t matter….[/i]

    Couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is they make more money selling all of your information that you give away for free as an imbecile than they would for using that already perfected monitoring system to prosecute you.

    If you put a CD in your computer, and your computer is connected, odds are it’s sending information back somewhere. They just don’t want to alert idiots to this fact because they’re making a mint selling your internet habits to marketing firms.

    Two things. (1.) By the end of this year, there will be a law passed that will make these people verify who they are to you on the web, instead of just stealing from you. (2.) If you don’t think that all of this stealing isn’t going to lead to sweeping internet controls, you’re delusional. In fact, it’s already halfway passed through congress, and Google just signed a deal with Verizon that they will give Google preferential priority on their network.

    See, it already happened with a whisper, not a bang. All that’s left to do now is make the rule that only “legal” content can go over their internet channels. “Voila!” You’re foolish to believe that these companies don’t have monitoring abilities. They do. They’re just not using them yet on you, but they will.

  10. Hey Billy, it’s not personal. Nothing lasts frever & you had a pretty good run for awhile there. Can’t believe any of this surprises you since you always seemed a little ho-hum and it’s a living ’bout the biz anyway. The industry is so floded in sites and porn goodies that the subscription value of an individual site had to drop. Just like the “tulip madness” in Holland centuries past. The more of something that’s available, the less it tends to be worth in the mind of the buyer. Are there any sites YOU’D subscribe to these days? I’d give that a try too.

  11. Actually, Scott J. does make an argument. I’ve read through a few of the blogs you link to and all seem to describe how there are only a few in the skin biz that make money, which makes all the rest try and do the same.

    This is not the eighties. You need in this order : 1.) a camera 2.) a whore 3.) access to the internet

    to be a pornographer.

    It is an interesting contemplation, and I don’t know if having white guys licking come off of black men’s sexual exploits is the key to Shangri La. Food for thought.

  12. Internet porn may be down right now, but I think it’s way too early to say it’s done.
    Fact: Humans like to see other humans fuck.
    As long as that doesn’t change, sooner or later someone will come up with a new way to make money from that.
    Porn is like the ocean. Just cuz it’s low tied now doesn’t mean it’ll never be high tide again.

  13. IPv6 will shortly be replacing IPv4, which is currently the lifeblood of the Internets. As it stands right now, IPv6 makes it much easier to uniquely identify a computer user – and therefore makes it harder to steal content. If you’re wondering what’s next for the porn industry, think about how IPv6 changes the current business model. IPv6 has 128-bit addresses – so there are roughly as many IPv6 addresses as there are molecules in the earth’s crust. That means no more “hide” NATs, where your ISP assigns 1 address and every device in your house shares it, and no more DHCP, where addresses are assigned from a pool. Under IPv6, everything has 1 address that isn’t translated or obscured. So there could very well be a business where content is locked/watermarked to the purchasers’ IPv6 address, and is not viewable on any other device.

    IIPv6 is coming, and we all know that porn drives the adoption of new technologies. Question is only how it will happen, and by whom….

  14. you cant say mainstream media is dead. movies still gross over a billion dollars and even the average retard movie still produces 100s of million dollars in profit. same could be said for trash, mass produced music like justin beiber, kesha, or whatever the FOTM is.

    people still love to consume and BUY entertainment. they just dont deem your product to be worthy of their money and they probably never will again. this country is getting more and more liberal and there is more amateur porn online than you could ever watch. i dont want to be a dick, but the porn industry is screwed for a multitude of reasons and nothing can save it and you guys already know it. actually let me clarify, its not screwed, its just going through an adjustment to bring it more inline with the true value of the product that you produce ( which so say the people, isnt worth that much )

  15. oh and if you think ipv6 is going to ‘solve’ piracy, well, that’s ridiculous and laughable. stop trying to fight the internet and figure out a way to make a product people are willing to pay for. but maybe, in 2010, people dont deem ‘pornography’ as something they want to pay for. what are ya gonna do?

  16. “you cant say mainstream media is dead. movies still gross over a billion dollars and even the average retard movie still produces 100s of million dollars in profit. same could be said for trash, mass produced music like justin beiber, kesha, or whatever the FOTM is.”

    Yes, because justin Beiber and Kesha are in the same genre as Blacks on Blondes! Let’s see, a sixteen year old kid with a voice compares to a bunch of felons fucking whores like millionaire to hobo. Quite literally, right!! LOL!

    Just face it. There’s no money in fucking whores on camera, if everyone is someone who a.) has a camera and b.) is willing to post it on the internet.

    “people still love to consume and BUY entertainment. ”

    They sure do. And I would question if paying some douchewad with a camera 30 dollars a month to see people fuck fits that idea of “buying” entertainment. It would have to be, yaknow, entertaining, for people to want to buy it.

    There’s a mile gap in the race between “Inception” and “Random blonde whore fucks black guy”. Yawn.

    What a compelling and interesting story! Porno exists vs. compelling story!!

  17. Billy, The tube channels have ruined porn. It’s too easy to get the products for FREE now. Adult video stores are becoming a thing of the past. People forget that the product is what suffers without sales.

    Two examples of easy access for free below with links!

    Tricia Marx BOB scene, the whole scene is free here

    Look at Amai Liu brobang complete scene here.

    There’s many more too but I’m not going to go through everyone, that’s the owners of the Dogfart networks job.

    I don’t like FREE content, I’d prefer to visit my Adult video store or video store in general, however the new releases are shit so why bother?

    Tube channels are redundant but to the younger crowd they’re the best thing to ever happen. They save money, time and hassles and get the product for free.

    Keep your head up Billy

  18. Just like film and music, while an amateur can occasionally break out with some top-notch stuff, they generally can’t hold a candle to the pros–speaking of holding candles, that’s what it looks like half of them are lit with. It’s just that people don’t value what they can get for free–and this is going to happen to mainstream film too, as people’s computers get bigger and faster.

  19. There’s a high unemployment rate. Thee’s easier ways to watch porn for free. The economy is suffering and the big-time spenders are not spending. $30.00 a month for a site and that site/network also give you 18-30 other sites for free too, and people still say, NO! and why? The scenes are too boring.

    The product is down. Probably down due to the economy and customers not buying as much. But you can not deny that the product is down, in many ways. Not just the BOB network. As one example, Jules Jordan has went to shit as well. Read his forums sometime.

    There’s no real good porn being made. Just copycat shit. The same Ol’ same Ol’.

    Bro-bang is the same damn scene, every time, same scenarios. same dudes just a different white face and pussy.

    Fuck Jessi Stone’s BOB scene, that bitch got more cum on her face from two niggers over one bitch getting 10 niggers on bro-bang.

    Look at BOB updates, many rejects, too many tatted up bitches and too many comebacks, like Bobbi Starr again. Why would people pay for that?

    In the end it’s all got too big and the economy and internet world is making porn comeback to the 1970’s era.

  20. It’s not that people don’t like to pay. It’s the safety of the payment institution in porn is so much riskier than say iTunes or eBay. If it was as safe and non-aggressive as other commercial processes, people would be more than willing to pay for the convenience. The more aggressive the phishing, identity-stealing, and spamming, the more people shy away from giving any information at all in the payment process. At least, that’s my take on it. I’ve paid for porn once when I was young… The ensuing clusterfucks with banks, e-mail, and information being sold was more than enough to drive me to buy a separate computer JUST for porn. Obviously, people are cheap as well but anyone with more than half a brain isn’t worried about the money…

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