Tori Lux and Her D.P. Panic Attack-ack-ack-ack.

Tori Lux cuckold sessions
Tori Luxx is a new(ish) Spiegler Girl who’s been making the rounds lately.

I like Tori. A lot. She’s totally alt, kinda shy, a little bit country…and a little bit rock ‘n roll. I have no idea if she eats bacon or not, but if she does, I’d imagine she likes it kinda well done and crispy. Like her toast. Wheat only, and light on the butter, please.

The first time I shot her, she played a domineering cuckoldress for the world-famous Cuckold Sessions. You guys know what a cuckold is, and hers was especially creepy that day, even going as far as softly sucking her toes as we waiting for an over-heated Sean Michaels to regain his wood.

The Cuckold softly suckled her toes as a baby does its pacifier, while Sean Michaels — usually a most solid stunt cock — ran into a brick wall right before he popped. After a cooling-off a bit, we finished quite a nice scene.

Tori was dick sucker #228, too. My members enjoyed her sweet, talented mouth.

We took a trip to the glory hole, too.

But it was Tori’s update at Blacks on Blondes that I wanna talk about, and I’m gonna talk about it in a good way, too; so, if you’re thinking this is about trash talkin’ Tori, or being bitchy and gossipy about her, that’s not my intention.

Not at all.

Tori’s dude dropped her off, which always makes my pervy mind kick into action. He’s not the suitcase pimp type; he’s actually in the biz, but to what degree I’m not sure. I think he shoots hand job scenes. Anyways, for some reason I came up with a cheezy porno scenario that involved Tori watching the newest DVD from Blacks on Blondes — the one in which two well-hung African-American gentlemen takes turns violating a willing white girl.

The name of this series is 2 Big, Two Black for Her White Crack. I kinda wish I came up with that name.

Anyway, Tori watches the DVD, breaks into a masturbation session, cums hard, then falls asleep. Add some dreamy-dream editing and we’re taken into Tori’s dream, in which she’s DP’d by aforementioned Negroes.

Ain’t it funny how it was totally OK to refer to a black dude as a Negro in, say, 1968.

How come no one ever called Jimi Hendrix a Negro?

Of course all the action goes down in her dream, which turned out pretty good…except Tori’s anxiety attack, which wasn’t captured on film (duh), so why not blabber about it now?

Poor Tori had a mental meltdown. It was bad enough to call 911 or anything, but she freaked out pretty good.

“You’re having an anxiety attack,” I told her, after I set down my camera and talked to her a bit. (I know a little about how they work).

“I know. Can I take a minute or two?”

We did. And I’ll tell you right now my male talent — Byron Long — set it off. See, in my perverted version of Tori’s dream, Byron would violate her sweet vagina, while The World’s Most Dangerous Porn Star — Wes Pipes — would invade her colon. (Of course I use the moniker “World’s Most Dangerous Porn Star” as a term of respect.) Then, as Byron was doing his thang in her vagina, and Wes was doing his thang in her poop chute, I’d capture that magical moment for prosperity’s sake.

And of the few of those who don’t know what it’s called, that very perverse sex act is lovingly referred to as “double penetration”…the DP.

Problem is, once we started rolling camera, Byron decided to go straight to the A.

In other words, he had no interest in banging Tori’s vagina. Which threw Tori off, cause during the stills (which I always shoot before the movie…partly as “practice” for the talent) Byron had no problem with Tori’s pussy.

I have no idea what happened in the time it took for Tori to fix her make-up between stills and the video, but whatever it was, Byron was All About The Ass on video. And Tori kinda looked at me as Byron begged her to “back that ass up” on his XXXXXL sized dong.

And I can safely say it was that tremendous dong shoved into her shit pipe that set her off. Not at first, mind you…and, in fact, we got probably 3 or 4 minutes of Bryon banging Tori’s booty before she asked to cut.

Then, the anxiety.

We rode out that attack for an hour…or an hour and a half.

Give or take.

I used to have anxiety attacks all the time. They suck. I remember my first one like it was yesterday. Had to pull the car over or I thought I was gonna crash. Ugh…so I empathized with Tori, and I tried my best not to be a dick, and Byron and Wes were patient, and sure enough I got my scene, and we all made our money.

When her boyfriend came to pick her up, I had him wake Tori up from her “dream”.

“Wow honey! You sure were moaning hard! What were you dreaming about?”

“Oh honey!” Tori cooed. “I was dreaming about having sex…with you!”


Now how about that for some cheezy porno shit?

4 thoughts on “Tori Lux and Her D.P. Panic Attack-ack-ack-ack.”

  1. LOL!….this was hillarious….if she cant handle the…pressure…both mental and, I’m sure, physical (from Byron’s mega cock)…then she should get the fuck outta the biz!…
    too bad it wasnt Wes ass-violating her….prison-style….he’s got loads of experience w/ that…..would luv to see an angry, mean, Wes pipes brutalizing a white hoor’s backdoor, prison style

  2. Anyways, that was a great scene! Funny how beautier she was in her dreams, whiter, maked-up and everything just for those African Americans!

  3. Hahahahahha!! Just another perfect example of someone who tries TOO HARD to make porn their thing when it is not meant for them. Don’t quit yer day job.

  4. Well, Tori’s pretty fuckin’ hot. I’m not in the biz, and I’m guessing the ‘get the fuck out of the kitchen’ commenters aren’t either. Frankly, just the thought of some monster black dick violating my ass gives ME some serious anxiety.

    Panic attacks are complex, and almost anything can set them off. But it is kinda funny. Glad everybody made it through OK.

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