6 thoughts on “The Clash on Ton Synder Show — 1981”

  1. Niice. I’ve only had this stuck in my brain for the past couple of weeks. One of my favourite Clash tunes. Good stuff, Billy.

  2. Hey, Billy. I’m a director with a concept for a music video but for the life of me I can’t find the right band. I’ve hit known bands and unknown bands and it seems like all contemporary music is either whiny, emo shit, or 80’s synth crap revisited. Where is the rock and roll? I need a joyful, hard, fast-tempo party song.
    If you can think of any bands would you let me know, or list ’em here? Don’t worry about how well known they are, I’ve got credentials.

    As for the type of tunes I’m looking for-
    Think Pump it up, by Costello,
    Lust for life, by Iggy Pop
    Over Under Sideways Down, by the Yardbirds.

    If any of you other cats think of someone, I’d love to hear your recs. Boy, is this a sad reflection on the Millennium generation.

  3. Hey guy.
    You could try going for some Indie, maybe, there are a lot of good independent rock bands out there.
    Or something like The Kaiser Chiefs, if you want to go English.
    Or The Black Keys if you want to go Blues Rock.

    I can cruise through some of my playlists later and see if anything pops out.
    I do know what you mean though, most music today really sucks, unless you know where to look.

    Good luck though, man.

  4. The Clash suck. Thank god we got that tea into the harbor ! Happy 4th of July !

    PS – JFA + Cokes and Snickers !

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