Spring Thomas Is Pissed At Me.

ST and Jayma

My phone rings. It’s Spring. And she’s mad.

Shoutin’ mad.

She’s pissed cause she says whenever I post a picture of her on my blog, it’s always a bad one. And when I say she’s yelling this at me, she’s yelling at me.

This is the pic she’s referring to. It was on a post from last week.

Now, if you ask me, that’s not a bad picture. Not at all.

I try and defend myself, but Spring isn’t having it…like usual. She usually sees things one way, and we all know what way that is.

Does this really look like a bad pic to you? Or a silly one that borders on cute cause it’s silly? Especially since most of the pics we ever see of Spring are posed, and serious, or sexy, and usually feature a giant black dick in her mouth.

I try to explain this to her, but again, she ain’t listenin’. So she hangs up, but right before she does, she tells me she’s going to e-mail some good pictures.

And sure enough, a day later, I get some pics in my box. There’s one of me and her, and one of her and Cherry Poppens on set, and a group shot with me and her and Cherry and my make-up artist, and then I find one I really like – Spring and her pal Sophia, not being porn stars, but just best friends.

At a bar.

Having fun.

A peek into the private lives of two girls some of you really wish you could know, but most likely never will…except in that porno way that really isn’t them.

When I was a porno consumer, it would have been pics like this I loved most. I say “would have been” because I never got to see pics of porno girls living like we all do; the only pics I ever got to see of porn stars were the ones on VHS box covers or magazine covers or in the magazines. None of which is real.

So, here ya go, my friends. Enjoy the nice picture of Spring and Sophia enjoying life.

I hope this one works for you too, Spring.

Um, one other thing: Hi Bob.

ST and Sophia

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