Super fun e-mails.

ST and Jayma

(Not the real) Ron Jeremy writes:

I want to bring up something that has been on my mind.

I feel as if most people look down on pornstarlets and don’t take them seriously as actresses. They are indeed actresses, in fact I believe some are above any found in mainstream hollywood. Lets take Spring Thomas for example. She realistically feigns delight as she is pummeled by several vile smelling, spear chucking, collared green eating, stealing, snorting, smoking, lying, jungle jiving, large dicked, lip smacking, penitentiary time serving, gang banging, tree swinging, ghetto living, tricked out car driving, nappy haired negroes.

Could Nicole Kidman pull this off? I think not! Pornstarlets ARE great actresses!

Billy, keep that in the back of your mind when Jayma says “I love you”.

Your friend,

Not the real Ron

Ron, my old friend!

It’s always good to hear from you; in fact, I giggle like a little girl in front of her brand new Easy-Bake oven on Christmas Morn’ whenever I see one of your e-mails in my box. I don’t know if it’s your politically incorrect, racist language that does it for me, or simply just the fact that you often ask excellent questions…or, as evident in this witty piece of correspondance, make excellent, true-to-life observations.

Either way, it’s almost always a win-win whenever I open one of your e-mails; today’s no exception.

Your pal,


PS: Jayma would never, ever lie to me…just like Spring hasn’t. Or won’t.

Never ever.

ST and Jayma

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