Top 10 JOMG Scenes – According to My Members

Ryan Star

Well, if I’m going create a list like this for Spunkmouth, why not do the same for Spunkmouth’s sister site, JOMG? So, as of right now, here are the top ten scenes, according to the members of Just like the Spunkmouth list, some are a surprise, and some aren’t:

10) Serena Taylor – Now-You-See-Her-Now-You-Don’t Serena Taylor was a local amateur who actually started up her own website, although the last time I looked it hadn’t been updated in over a year. When they show up on the porno circuit, do great and get booked a ton but suddenly disappear, it usually means they fell in love. And when they fall out of love and need money again, they return. I can’t wait for Serena to fall out of love; I mean this in a good way, of course.

9) Kelly Kline – Is a huge porn star now, but I was there to shoot her when she first got into the game – almost 3 years ago. Maybe it was 4? Anyways, why is it people love porn shot outside so much?

8) Julia Bond – Clocks in at number 6, and that’s cool, cause Julia’s cool, and she’s kinda making a porno comeback recently, after laying low and working on some mainstream projects.

7) Goldie Coxx – Literally disappeared about a year ago, but she was in the game for a good year or so, cranking out some scenes. This is a gem. She takes a giant load to the kisser – one so big it brings upon a reaction from Goldie that’s a classic. You have to see the scene to know what I mean.

6) Sindy Lange – Sindy’s a surprise 6…well, it’s a surprise to me, anyway. She gets lots of work, but little attention – or at least not enough attention. Sindy bangs out a great scene. Did I ever tell you the time I shot her for Blacks on Blondes and she squirted like 10 times from start to finish of her scene? She’s a sexual dynamo.

5) Riley Mason – I wish Riley’s scene was ranked higher than 5, cause I think it’s better than 5, but that’s cause I’m Riley’s Number 1 fan. Well, maybe not Number 1, but certainly in the top 100.

4) Spring Thomas – A rare scene featuring Spring with a white guy. Go figure!

3) Jasmine Tame – Jasmine took on a huge dick for her JOMG scene, and she’s a total pro. I think it’s the blue outfit she’s wearing here that gives the scene a special touch.

2) Taylor Ash – Newbie Taylor Ash really stepped up to the plate for this scene, taking on two local amateur guys who just paste her face silly. In fact, the only facial bigger than Taylor’s goes to our top spot – Ryan.

1) Ryan Star – First hit the porno circuit at age 18, and she hit it pretty big: Peter North and Vince Vouyer got some great scenes out of her, and then she fell in love. Did I tell you what happens when they fall in love? Anyway, fast forward 3 years, and here’s Ryan again, making the rounds, and kicking ass. My two local amateur guys dump about a gallon on man goo all over her pretty face, making this the number 1 scene at JOMG.

Oh, if you’re wondering, that’s Ryan on my bright orange porno counch…just in case you weren’t sure.

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