Chelci Fox

Chelci Fox

Jimmy H. called me up and asked to use my studio. He had shot his out, and he really wanted a fresh look for his shoot that was about to go down.

“Who are you shooting?” I asked.

“Chelci Fox,” he replied.

Oh, Chelci Fox. I know her well. Well, not in a literal sense. I shot her first for Spunkmouth – here’s some free Spunkmouth Chelci Fox movies. And we struck up a fast friendship right away. In fact, after we wrapped with her Spunkmouth shoot, we talked for a while. I told her if she wanted to be a porn star, she needed a last name. She agreed, and I asked if I had any ideas.

She didn’t – but I did.

Fox – cause that’s what she is. A fox. Of course Chelci wasn’t alive in the 70’s, but I was, and any hot girl in, say, 1978, was a fox. Hot girls in 1973 were foxes, too. So where hot girls in 1977.

Farrah Fawcett was a total fox. Cheryl Tiegs? Fox. In fact, any one of the (subsequent 5) Charlie’s Angels was a fox, as was Suzanne Somers (early jacking material for me was Suzanne on that 3’s Company set with her hard nips poking through those skimpy-sheer bra/t-shirts she wore), Goldie Hawn, Jodie Foster (late 70’s more than, say, Taxi Driver Jodie Foster), Lynda Carter, Kristy McNichol, Brooke Shields (super fox, although a bit young, but I’m her age, as I was then, so it’s OK for a 14 year old to refer to another as a fox), Pam Grier, or Barbi Benton.

All stone cold foxes.

Not a hottie. Or a heet. Or a babe.

A fox.

Chelci Fox. And no, not Foxx, or (god no!) Foxxx.

“How about Chelci Fox?”

She agreed. She really agreed. So much so she even sat down on my laptop that moment and got her yahoo e-mail – chelcifox.

So, fast forward to Jimmy H. and his shoot with Chelci Fox. She walked in, foxier than ever, and we hugged, and caught up on things, and she told me this was “it”.

“It?” I asked.

“I’m all done doing hardcore. It’s just not for me.”

I didn’t blame her – and I still don’t blame her. Working the porno circuit as a hardcore show isn’t for everyone…in fact, it isn’t for most.

“What are you going to do?”

“I dunno. Softcore stuff. Solo. That sort of thing.”

“Hard getting those kind of jobs on a regular basis,” I said.

But she already knew what.

I went back to work as Jimmy H. snapped away. I walked about and took a long look at Chelci. For my money, she had the best tits in the business, but would those tits be able to sustain a site – a solo girl site? Plus, she had done hardcore work already. Not a lot – in fact, very little…maybe a softcore solo site featuring Chelci Fox? Could something like that make any money? Or, generate enough to keep her employed, and make it worth my while – as well as hers? Plus, I had heard about all the scary stories about solo girl sites: their ridiculous demands, their flaky bullshit attitudes, their bad behavior…would that happen to me?

Only one way to find out.

After Jimmy H. wrapped with Chelci Fox, we had a little talk. Then, a few days later, another one.

Ridiculous demands. Flaky bullshit attitudes. Bad behavior.

Would that happen to me?

Chelci Fox

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  1. here name is [name deleted…why do assholes feel the need to “out” porn starts?] she lives in [see previous editor’s comment] now

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