Super fun e-mails.

Barbie Cummings

SR writes:

I just want to start off by saying how much I have enjoyed your work on Blacks on Blondes, Spring Thomas, Gloryhole and Spunk Mouth.

I am curious, I haven’t seen where BoB has been updated, atleast from the preview page, and I was wondering if either Barbie Cummings, Kaci Star, or Jayma Reed were going to show up on there?

Thanks, and keep up the good work,


Hey SR!

Thanks man. I gotta tell you, getting fan mail is the highlight of my day. Really, it is. It’s almost better than anything else that happens during my waking hours, except maybe the (rare) times I get sex.

They’re all up, except Kaci Starr. Check out Barbie Cummings! Isn’t she fuckin’ hot? Man, she’s a blast to work with. She truly loves sex, and she loves being a porn star, and she loves getting pounded by black dick, and it shows in all the work she does…whether I’m behind the camera or not. She gets railed by Brian Pumper and Jason Brown for her BOB scene…and takes two loads right in her sweet pie hole.

And there’s Jayma! What can I say about the lovely Jayma Reed I haven’t alread said? And what a scene! The scenario, you ask? Max Black is a “celebrity” and with his “posse” at a local museum. Max has no idea why his posse brought him to a museum, and they try to explain to Max that he’s there simply because they feel he needs a little culture in his life. Jayma, a college student studying Egyptology, stumbles upon Max and The Homies, and they’re being rude and obnoxious, and Jayma has to ask them, more that one, to quiet down so she can get some work done.

Do I need to tell you what kind of work gets done next?

And honestly, I don’t recall if I shot Kaci Starr for BOB yet, but I think I did. As of today it’s not in the BOB member’s area. I know she’s a gloryhole girl for sure, and I think Kaci is one of the most underrated girls working the porno circuit right now.

Check out the scenes…all of them. On all the sites. They turned out great – and trust me, it’s all because of them – there’s not much to my silly job at all.

Your pal – Billy

Jayma Reed

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