Cuckold Sessions. Or, a session with a cuckold.

cuckold interracial Tara Lynn Foxx
So I’m checking out the news of the day while sipping my iced coffee when something struck me as odd. It comes from the BBC, and it says “Portugal’s Economy Minister Manuel Pinho has resigned after making a rude cuckold gesture at an opposition MP. Mr Pinho placed his index fingers on his head, imitating horns. The gesture was directed at Bernandino Soares, leader of the Communist parliamentary group, who had challenged the government about a mine’s future. Mr Pinho’s action came during a state-of-the-nation debate in parliament. The Socialist PM, Jose Socrates, said “nothing justifies this gesture”.”

Cuckold gesture?


At least it gave me something to blog about. Lately I’ve had nothing to say.

And I thought I knew a thing or two about cuckolds…afterall, Interracial Giants Dogfart just released Cuckold Sessions, and I shot ’em all.

But cuckold gestures?

Anyways…check out Porno Newbie Tara Lynn Foxx. You might know a little bit about her, cause I’ve dropped her name here once or twice. I’ve also dropped her mySpace and Twitter sites.

She twitters for her tweeps; I have no desire for such tomfoolery.

That’s her dude on the sofa. They’re in a counseling session. At least that’s what he thinks. He’s laying it all out there too: he can’t satisfy Tara; he’s got a small ween; he secretly wants to watch her get banged out by black men.

Enter 14 inches of black meat.

Look at them looking at it.

When the counselor called Tara into his office, instead of wearing street clothes, she was whored out to the max.

For the black man.

In other words, Tara’s BF is about to enter a Cuckold Session.

Maybe I’ll start incorporating cuckold gestures into future scenes.

Wonder what woulda happened to Portugal’s Economy Minister Manuel Pinho if he started licking jizz off a girl during a Parliament session?

13 thoughts on “Cuckold Sessions. Or, a session with a cuckold.”

  1. Mr.Billy Watson
    Thanks for all the great content over the years. You should
    win an award for all your hard work,if you haven’t already.
    I noticed you use a lot of the same male talent in all your scenes.That’s understandable since you have a working relationship.
    But how about using some Hall of Fame legends like Sean Michaels,Mr. Marcus and Lexington Steele. They all do great work and their records speak for themselves.
    Just a thought.

  2. Southern euros have a weird thing with horns and cuckoldry. Basically, if your partner is being unfaithful to you, you are said to have horns. If you consent to your partner’s unfaithfulness, you are said to be a male goat (cabron), at least in Spain. This term is a classic insult ala “fucker” or “motherfucker” or something like that, I think Mexicans use this too. Making the horn sign at someone is essentially implying they have horns, but you could also think of this as akin to giving the middle finger in the US or the two finger salute in the UK (i.e. Agincourt, archers, etc). You can make the horns sign in the way the minister did, or in the “metal” sign way.

    Which brings me to the point of this comment: at one point I was in a pop punk band touring Spain. Part of our silly onstage antics was doing various metal related poses, which was relatively funny for a pop punk band to be doing in 1994. These poses included making the metal sign at the punk kids in the audience, which they loved, at least in the US. However, I tried this at a show in Valencia, and the kid I metal signed at went from smiling to angry and flipped me off.

    I quit doing that for the rest of the tour.

    Of course there are nice wikipedia articles about this subject here:

    and here: …I like the 3rd explanation given here, it’s the same as a Spanish buddy of mine told me once.

  3. love the new site just a blast and cant wait for brobang,any time table ?weeks months?and dont use marcus or sean micheals keep using the thugs they are the best.and i agree with the earlier comments you should be given an award you keep putting out wonderfull content,which cant be said for other sites.

  4. Interestin comments there e. It would be a pain in the ass to be NJ Devils fan in that area of Spain. Not that ice hockey would ever go there but I’m sure they have thought about it…

  5. Billy, yall have yet another great site. One question: did Cherry shoot her scene years ago or did she come back to being in front of the camera? Appreciate the blog and all the responses over the years

  6. hahaha incorporating the horns in your scenes? i can just imagine the black dude and the chick making horns at the cuckold and the cuckold going into a tantrum, stomping his feet exclaiming “how can you do this to me??” never mind the fact she’s getting fucked right in front of him. how deliciously ridiculous!

    any chance at getting riley mason and haley scott in these scenes or are they gone for good?

  7. I’ve never gotten worked up about you propagating the gloryhole myth here like some others, and I appreciate you keeping up the illusion for those that dig this kinda stuff, but personally I was hoping you might drop the act just for this particular niche and explain who the guys who play the cuckolds in these types of scenes are. Occasionally I’ll recognize another porn dick playing it, and once I spotted Gram Ponante, but just who the hell are the rest of these guys? The hanger-ons who hang with the hanger-ons? Can I make a cameo?!?

    Also, how was Europe? You kinda maintained radio silence for a while this time.

  8. Hey Billy, this is one of your fans from Portugal and I couldn’t stop myself from dropping a line in regard to Mr. Pinho’s indiscretion. I don’t remember where I’ve read this but it went like this: roman soldiers returning from the Punic Wars in Iberia – modern days Portugal and Spain – were awarded horns (cornos) – they were returning vitorious – but because they were far away from home, for a long time, they had been cheated on by they’re wives, and so they were the cornudos (cuckolds) thus, the pejorative associeted with the horns in latin originated countries. I bet you would like it here…

  9. Dear Billy,

    After reading a few of your blogs, its clear you are very reasonable, and goes without saying experienced in the industry. So having said that do you not worry about some of the dogfart material, particularly the cuckold stuff being racist?

    Accepted its hard to see how interracial porn can be racist, especially when dogfart has websites like “gloryhole initiations” with white men having sex with black women, etc. But what concerns me is many of the movies, especially cuckold ones, perpetuate that black men are physically and sexually superior to white men.

    I am not exaggerating. Spring Thomas in at least one of her movies has called black men superior. Leah Luv in wifewriting said black men last longer, are bigger, etc, etc. In a good number of the (more recent) BOB vids, the girls haven’t said that they “prefer” black men, they have said that black men are (always) better.

    Now I don’t believe that, and I realise you don’t either. If you were to start a website where black men were “cuckolded” to white men, or indeed men of all races were “cuckolded” to each other, there wouldn’t be an issue. I however don’t imagine that would sell… Do you?

    And thats what concerns me. You and I may know a black man’s dick on average is 5-7 inches, just like men of all races. But I know that many believe in the racial stereotype: if I had money for each time I heard normal people say black men’s dicks are bigger, or have heard jokes on that subject, I would be rich. I imagine interracial porn with black men on white women makes more money than vice versa, and that most of the black male actors are paid more than black women (and possibly even white men).

    And if you don’t believe me then go and browse the multitude of forums out there, such as Spring Thomas’ forum. Many of the members really do seem to believe the myth.

    Summing up, I don’t think your or dogfarts intentions are “racist”, but am concerned that a lot of dogfart movies help spread the myth of the black men have bigger dicks.

  10. It is highly racist, just imagine if we had black guys in the chains much like the 1700’s naked with 2-3 inch cocks which do exist by the way and black girls measuring them and taking the piss then measuring a 9 – 10 inch White European hot looking Porn star and getting f’ed like crazy.

    Spring Thomas is a freak and not in any positive way who will get her karma in the future when she is older since no white guy would touch her after being with inferior African-Africans guys….

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