Ashley Jane

Ashley Jane
You gotta love time adjustment. As in it’s 6 in the morning, and I’ve been up a half hour. I’ve never been a morning person, but traveling can sure turn you into one.

I have another funny “boyfriend” story. Well, I dunno if it’s funny, but I certainly found it amusing.

I get an e-mail from Sleazy Porno Agent touting a new find — Ashley Jane. Her dance card says she does solo, G/G, and handjobs.

That’s it.

Usually if a girl’s gonna touch a weiner, she’ll do the whole she-bang: handjobs, blowjobs, B/G, etc.

Not Ashley Jane. And this makes for good Manojob fodder. The scarcer the content, the better it is, right? Meaning, if there’s not a whole lot of dirty movies out there with Ashely Jane with a dude, it’ll be easier to sell. Makes sense to me, anyway.

So when I saw her dance card, and I saw how cute she was, I booked her right away. And I booked her for two Manojobs instead of one.

She shows up on set, and she’s on time, and she’s really, really cute. Ashley Jane is one of those girls who represents way better in person than she does on camera.

Lately the members at Manojob have been asking for The Money Shot to end up on titties, and how can I refuse a paying member’s request?

Here’s some free Ashely Jane hand job movies from that first shoot, so don’t say I never gave ya nothing.

After she cleans up, I tell her to get back into the make-up chair, cause her second Stunt Cock is almost here, and, I think I said it like this: “I’ll have the second guy blow a load in your face…cool?”

I asked her if it’s cool, but it’s really my passive-aggressive way of saying this dude’s gonna give you a facial whether you like it or not.

Ashley Jane gave me this weird sort of look and didn’t say much. Then, she kinda shuffled back into the make-up room.

This means Ashely’s not too thrilled about taking a load to the kisser.

But it’s porn, right? Where else is the load supposed to really wind up? Well…on her tits, I guess. Especially if my members ask for it.

A few minutes Ashley calls me into the make-up room. “My boyfriend won’t let me do the facial. I’m sorry.”

The Old Billy Watson woulda thanked her, told her to pack her gear and go.

The New and Improved Billy Watson thought a sec. Where else have the members wanted to see a girl take a load?

Well, all over her pussy. But if Ashely Jane’s boyfriend wasn’t OK with the facial, there was no way he was gonna be OK with the creampie…right?

I mean if I was Ashley Jane’s BF, and I wasn’t gonna let her take the facial there’s no way she’s gonna let some stranger splooge all over her vagina.

But that’s me.

Cause Ashley Jane’s boyfriend was perfectly content with the creampie.

Here’s a few free clips of Ashley Jane jerking a guy to completion all over her beautiful V-Jayjay.

Now, after you pick yourself up off the floor from laughing so hard, just know that at five minutes and six seconds after 4 AM on the 8th of July this year…the time and date will be: 04:05:06 07/08/09.

And that will never, ever happen again.

Kinda like Ashley Jane appearing in a dirty movie with another boy, cause a few hours after her second scene with me, I called her agent to book Ashley for one more hand job (cause I thought she was that cute, and I had a funny feeling she was gonna quit doing boys).

Sure enough, her agent said that was the last time she’d work with a dude.

Where as 04:05:06 07/08/09 will never happen again, I’m not so sure about Ashley Jane…but you never know.

Ashley Jane

11 thoughts on “Ashley Jane”

  1. Aaah! What? No! There’s gotta be some amount of money or pleasure to convince this girl to suck a couple dicks off on camera. Is this not america???

  2. It’s kinda funny that she would on do “solo, G/G, and handjobs”.
    Yet she did an Anal scene in “Anal Junkies on Cock”

  3. I know this girl…she is engaged. i’m surprissed her FIANCE allows her to do this in the first place.

  4. I know this girl as well and I know her FIANCE. Well.. Hello the FIANCE does porn too, and they have performed together. DAAAAA

  5. I went to that same high school too! I heard she gave head to some dude on the school bus.

  6. Well im so glad one person from highschool decided to make a career out of what they are good at lol

  7. Saw her and her fiance (I’m guessing) on Flirt4free in 2009, they were probably one of the best couples on there

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