Tara Lynn Foxx at Gloryhole and Blacks on Blondes

Tara Lynn Foxx and Cameron Love Blacks on Blondes
I’m about to jump a plane outta here, but before I do I wanted to tell ya about this week’s updates at Blacks on Blondes and Gloryhole, cause Über-Hottie and porno newbie Tara Lynn Foxx is part of both of them.

Take note: I’ve never used “Über” here, and it’s just my way of saying goodbye to Germany as I head outta here. I wonder if anyone’s ever used “Über” to describe something pornographic? And using the umlaut correctly?

I think not.

At B.O.B., I had Tara Lynn and Cameron Love work each other a bit before they worked Jack Napier’s XXXXXL black dong. This includes Tara and Cameron taking turns cleaning each others’ butts with their tongues. I think the scene turned out well. Both of these girls are black cock sluts in real life.

Really, they are.

I think Cameron squirted all over the place, too…but I don’t recall now. Funny, but I kinda forget about the scenes I shoot almost immediately after I shoot them. Anways, both girls really gave their all, and I appreciated it.

A few days earlier Tara and I jumped into the van and headed out to a glory hole I found that’s still very cruisy.

Cruisy gloryhole.

I remember when The Producer said he wanted to start a glory hole site.

“Aren’t those a gay thing?” I asked.

He said, “Not anymore.”

Anyways, here’s Tara Lynn Foxx’s mySpace, and her Twitter. I know how much she loves her fans, and that’s why I’m posting the links here. Say hello to her. Who knows…maybe she’ll love you long time.

Someone recently commented that they don’t want anything but porno on a porn blog, and I kinda agree…so I’m gonna keep ISP more porno now.

What old school TV cop used to say, “Just the facts, mam?”

OK — I gotta run. It’s a long way home.

Tara Lynn Foxx and Cameron Love Blacks on Blondes

3 thoughts on “Tara Lynn Foxx at Gloryhole and Blacks on Blondes”

  1. I disagree. I find the non-porn posts just as fascinating and interesting as the porn stuff. I enjoy hearing about the music and movies and travels of Billy Watson. It gives me a more complete view of a man who it would be very simple to label a ‘pervert’ for his job. If the moron who wrote you doesn’t like those post, he should keep on scrolling until he gets to a post with free links so he can pound his tiny meat.

  2. I think it was the guy from Dragnet? Det. Friday was his name I believe…Have a good flight home.

    Also is Lisa Marie still in the biz?? I just noticed that when she’s a blonde she sort of looks like Sarah Chalke from Scrubs. Sorta….

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