My New Gal? (Part 3).


We lost the car. Or, I lost the car. We had walked all the way back from the beach, up and down 2nd street in Santa Monica, and we couldn’t find the parking structure where our car was parked, mainly because all the parking structures looked the fucking same. We walked and walked and walked and walked, and no car, and all the while J. Sinn kept complaining, “My dick is really, really hard!”

I wonder if that’s cause Jacky Joy was riding around on his back, rubbing her pussy all over him. She was tired of walking, so she hopped on J., and I’m sure this was causing his woody. Either that or the fact that, for the last hour or so, we had just watched Jacky and Jayma wrestle around in the surf, making out the whole time.

And the more J. Sinn kept complaining about his stiff weiner, the more Jayma giggled. The more they both giggled. But I think I’ve mentioned this already.

For awhile, I really thought the car was stolen, but we finally found it. Which is where things got interesting. Actually, things got interesting on the 405, just a bit south of Sunset. That’s about the time she decided to take J Sinn up on his offer to make her squirt. She thought she wasn’t able to squirt; J. Sinn told her otherwise.

But I should back up.

J. Sinn learned how to make girls squirt from Dr. Phil Good, who learned how to make girls squirt from the master of making girls squirt – Axel Braun.

Axel Braun. He’s a funny guy. I read one of his dirty screenplays, once. It made me laugh. Why in the world would anyone write a screenplay for a dirty movie? I wonder if he story boards his dirty movies, too. Funny.

Anway, J. Sinn kept asking, over and over, if Jayma would allow him to make her squirt. And she was into it, and I was into watching it, so the next thing you know, Jayma’s jumping in the back, and Jacky’s jumping up front with me, and instantly Jayma’s shorts and panties are around her knees, and Jacky’s up front, and taken control of the radio, and my beloved Indie 103 is off, and something godawful is on, and it’s sure as shit definately on in the back seat, cause J. Sinn’s arm is moving a mile a minute, which is almost as fast as I’m driving down the 405, and in between lane changes and dodging other cars, I’m doing the best I can to enjoy the show.

And what a show!

Jayma’s head was buried somewhere under J. Sinn, and I think he was trying to fuck her, too; but she’s totally into teasing guys, and that’s exactly what she did. J would go back and forth – between trying to fuck her and make her squirt with his fingers; and I was going back and forth – between watching out for exit ramps and other cars; and Jack Joy was going back and forth – between one shitty radio station after another.

In the end, Jayma squirted. Everywhere. I’m glad the car was a rental, cause the back seat looked like someone dumped over a 5 gallon jug of water.

We piled out of the car, and I walked my date up to her room, and kissed her goodnight, and we made plans for the following day.

All in all, it was a good first date.

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