My New Gal? (Part 2).

Jayma Reed

She called me the next day, after the Brandon Iron fiasco. I won’t go into our conversation here, cause sometimes things need to be personal, even on an internet porno blog…but she was scheduled for a shoot in a few hours, at Nicky Milo’s studio right down the hall. She was shooting a lesbo thing with Jacky Joy, her porno pal, and we agreed to go out afterward; I’d take them both out to dinner.

Nicky did his thing, and I did my thing, and at the end of the day, we were together and heading out to Santa Monica. That’s about the time J. Sinn showed up. J. Sinn is male talent, and he also works at Shane’s World as a production manager. He’s kinda out of a place to stay right now, so he crashes at the studio, in our Green Room. J’s a cool cat, and to top it off, his big sister is Bella Donna.

I love Bella Donna.

It’s funny, cause back at Dogfart’s secret mansion on the top of the hill, Bella seemed to be around a lot. She’s the one who introduced me to Boo D. Licious. She’s the one who introduced me to Nacho Vidal. I watched Bella piss all over Austin O’Reilly, once. Or maybe Austin pee-pee’d all over Bella. She’s also the one who shot the most extreme anal scene I’ve ever witnessed…so extreme, it was never shown publically. She’s the one Diane Sawyer fucked with on 20/20, and Bella held her own.

That’s cause Bella’s bad to the bone.

J. Sinn. Bella Donna’s baby bro. In the porno business. We had booked him for an Eat Some Ass scene, and now he’s in tow, bringing up the rear of our porno gang – and he’s Jacky Joy’s “date”.

No one’s been to Santa Monica – except me – so we’re off, and on the way, somewhere near the 405 and the 10, J. Sinn and my gal discover they’re both Mormons. I could blog and blog and blog about that kooky group of Christians who call themselves The Church of Latter Day Saints, but I’ll save that for later.

And at the dinner table, those two hit it off like champs. A real bond. The Mormon brethren were at it, recollecting their days in Utah, and having a blast. I was too, really, cause she was running her finger up and down my leg under the table, and we held hands walking down the Promenade, and listening to two Porno Mormons comparing notes over dinner is a very interesting conversation – trust me.

Did I mention the whole time Jacky Joy sent text messages to God-knows-Who? I bet that Dirty Pirate Hooker sent 200 messages by the time I paid the bill.

Afterward, the four of us walked the Santa Monica pier; we were hand-in-hand, me and her, and that’s all I really remember. We walked in the sand, too, and the girls ran in the surf, and Jacky lost her phone, and me and J Sinn talked shop, and all-in-all the night was a very good thing.

Here’s the weird part, and I might as well get it over with now: I’ve got this weirdo thing going on with my sexuality right now; specifically, I think it would be kinda hot to have a slutty girlfriend who did naughty things with guys and girls while I watched. Oh sure, it’s normal to wanna watch your gal – or your wife – lez off with another chick…but bringing a dood into the game is weird, and I’ll be the first to admit it. Five years ago, I woulda knocked a dood out if he made a pass at my chick; now, I find it kinda hot.

There’s something wrong with me.

OK – now that I got that off my chest, I might as well talk about losing the car, and looking all over for it, and that’s when J Sinn was flirting heavily with both girls, and he kept saying, over and over, his dick was hard…which made the girls giggle. And Jacky wasn’t paying much attention to him, but I knew my date was, and things were about to get really crazy.

There’s something very wrong with me.

Mandingo and Zoe

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