Super fun e-mails.

Spring Thomas

e writes:


What in the world is a BCS?



Dear e,

“BCS” is an acronym for “Black Cock Slut”, a term that’s only popped up recently…due to the ever-growing popularity of interracial sex movies. Quite honestly, I really don’t get it…and yet, at the same time, I do.

Let me explain.

This whole myth that black guys have bigger dicks is just that – a myth. I don’t care what anyone says about this. It’s true. Trust me, I’ve seen my share of black dicks. And I know how easy it is to call me a jealous, small-dicked whiteboy; however, I’m basing what I know on what I’ve seen. I mean I could go on and on about how many interracial scenes I’ve shot, and how I shot a whole slew of amateur blacks guys that all fell into the 5-to-7 inch dick size, and that really, if you look closely, you’ll see the same huge-donged black dudes (Boz, Shane Diesel, Mandingo, and Jack Napier, for the most part) in almost every big-dicked interracial flick out there.

But I won’t.

Instead, let’s talk about what Wesley Pipes told Spring Thomas and me last weekend during the scene we shot: “I love white girls cause they never say no to a black man!”

I thought about it for a second, and Spring giggled, and I nodded in agreement.

That about sums up “BCS”. And it’s true, too. An example? How’s this: I asked Spring at the beginning of her scene for a little A.

A “little A” means some anal sex, something Spring Thomas claims to hate. She snapped “NO!” when I asked her, and I said fine, no problem.

What do you think she told Wesley Pipes when he asked for the ass, not even a half-hour after he made his statement about white girls never saying no? Do you think, e, Spring snapped “NO!” at Mister Pipes, like she did to me?

Or maybe, do you think Spring, like the true BCS she is, hoisted her fanny up in the air, spread her legs wide, and gave Wes an all-acess pass?

I’ll let you answer whenever you feel like it.

So maybe a better way to define BCS is the way Wesley did: a BCS is a white girl that can never say no to a black man.

Hope this helps!

Your pal, Billy.

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