Super fun e-mails. Or, Max Black Needs A Roomie.

Spring Thomas

KS writes:

I am a big fan of your blog I Shoot Porn. I love it, especially all the blogs about Spring Thomas. I was wondering if you could do a real interview with her!!! Oh yeah, like you can see, I am a female reader and I am more interested in some of the dudes you have shot like Doctor E and Mr. Nova (Spunk Mouth and Spring Thomas) and Max Black (Spring Thomas). Thanks!

Why thank you very much KS! And it sounds like me you just might be a potential BCS. That is, if you’re white. I’ll assume you are, just cause. No other reason than that.

Spring won’t do an interview. Trust me, I’ve asked her. I’ve also asked her to be a guest blogger, too…but nope.

As for Dr E And Mr NOVA…well, they’re M.I.A. We just kinda quit keeping in touch as we started shooting Spring’s site more and more in Los Angeles. I’d like to actually see those cats again, as they’re good guys and, for amateur performers, they were really very good.

Max Black. What can be said about Max Black? How about he asked me to take this picture of him so he could post it on a roomate referral board? He’s looking for a roomie, and after looking at this pic, who wouldn’t want to move in with him?

And if he’d show up on time for a shoot, I think I’d hire him more. Plus, that dude gets sooo much pussy in his personal life that when he shows up on set, he’d kinda drained, so to speak…which isn’t talking shit on him. He knows it as much as anyone. In fact, while shooting a b/b/g scene with Max and Hooks (Hooks is a new cat I’ve been hiring more and more) Hooks blew a huge load, and Max was all “damn, that brotha hasn’t been laid in weeks!”

So there you have it.

Your pal, Billy

4 thoughts on “Super fun e-mails. Or, Max Black Needs A Roomie.”

  1. Hi im a huge fan of max black and brian pumper do u think I cold do a scene with one of them but im a guy though let me know

  2. i wish he could fuuck my sister Bridgette i would like to teach her a lesson and show her what a real dick is

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