JOMG and Spunkmouth Alyson Whyte

Allyson Wyte

I’ve never really talked too much about Allyson Wyte – or Allison White, Allison Whyte, Alisson Whyte, Alisson White, or even Alisson Wyte – depending on how you spell it. And I should, cause I consider her a pal, and she’s a really cool girl. But before I go there, here’s a little rant:

Porno girls need to think about their name before they ever pick one. It’s really part of a business enterprise, and they have no idea that’s really what it is. And how important it is. And before they tell a soul what their porno name’s gonna be, they need to register the domain, and make sure it’s easy to spell, and make sure there aren’t any past porno girls that have had that name before, and to register all the common mis-spells, and all that, but porno girls aren’t known for thier business acumen, are they?

Not that Allyson’s a dumbo; actually, I think she’s pretty smart. Anyways, I met her dude, Robbie James, through Domineko, a few years back. I needed a white guy for a scene. Shit, I know all the black guys; white guys are a different story. Robbie banged Austin O’Reilly (remember her?!) for Spunkmouth, and he mentioned his chick, Allyson Wyte, was in the game.

Actually, she was fairly popular by then. I think she had a Hustler cover or two…maybe for Barely Legal. And lots of DVD’s out, as well as web stuff.

So I booked Allyson Wyte and Robbie James. For a scene to be shot at their apartment. This was primarily a budgeting decision; shoot a porno couple at their apartment, and it’s almost always free. Besides, I didn’t have a studio back then, either. It was pretty much a typical porno apartment in the valley…which means lots of messy-mess everywhere, and too many people in too small a space…that sort of thing. But it was fun.

(Side note #1: Allyson and Sally Rodeo did yet another scene for Spunkmouth. Girl-girl action and then Robbie and Trevor walk into the room and coat both their faces with jizz).

(Side note #2: The folks in the picture with Robbie and Allyson are Jubilee and her man, and I shot them both for a Spunkmouth scene right after I finished up with Robbie and Allyson’s scene, and they’re cool, too. Whacky, but cool, in a porno way. A nice pair, really, and they were crashing with Robbie and Allyson’s pad for a while, which made for some interesting shit, I’d imagine.)

Next up for Allyson? J.O.M.G. Jizz On My Glasses. Or, in this particular instance, Jizz On Allyson Wyte’s Glasses. Here’s where shit gets kinda wierd. I decide it might be a good thing to change shit up on JOMG, cause up to that point, it was pretty much a bj site with one dude as the male talent, and the porno girl, of course. This was primarily a budgeting decision; the fewer people in a scene, the cheaper it gets.


Anyway, I was feeling kinda anxious that night – the kind of anxiety a good dick sucking would cure – and I had Robbie coming over with Allyson for the JOMG scene.

How do I jump in on that deal?

And how do you ask a dude, Hey, mind if your chick blows me, too?

I mean, is there any way to ask, but that way? I pondered this as I waited for them to arrive. I didn’t go as far as practicing the question to the mirror, or anything silly like that. But I thought about it.

And when they walked in, I said hi, and then I asked Robbie, “Um, hey, mind if your chick blows me, too?”

No problemo. They were both down. Robbie and I even took turns holding camera as Allyson took turns smoking our poles. And the cum shot? Here’s where it gets really wierd…and maybe even, damn it…kinda gay?

Shit. I hate to even admit that, but I just did.

So…we’re both close to popping, and I’m getting kinda amped up in anticipation for Robbie to blast his chick in the face. He’s getting amped, which is getting me kinda amped, and the next thing you know, we both blast off…at the same exact time.


Look again at the money shot clip again, just in case you don’t believe me. I mean never in my life did I ever think I’d be whacking that close to another dude whacking…and cum at that same exact time as that other dude whacking so close to me.

Like I said, fucking ghey.

So that’s all I’m gonna say about that. And about Allyson, for that matter, cause there’s really not much more to say.

Allyson and the gang

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  1. Hey man . how you been all these years . I would love to catch up and talk sometime . a lot has happened in my life . some for the better and some not. But I’m all good like any other person would be . please contact me of you like . let’s shake hands . I’ve been thinking about old times.

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