Mickey Rourke is The Wrestler

The Wrestler

I think I told you this once, but I don’t remember…so I’ll say it again: Porno and Pro Wrestling have a lot in common.

1) It’s a show.

2) It’s fake.

3) It’s real.

4) Both have a tremendous entertainment value.

When I was a kid, I’d sit in front of TV on Sundays and tune in to Channel 44, where The Bruiser and The Crusher would beat the shit out of anyone who stood in their way. This included Baron von Raschke, Ernie “The Big Cat” Ladd, and any other number of “heels” Bob Luce would toss at them.

Later on, I was a big fan of WCW. I really liked it when they would stage their matches in a little TV studio in Charlotte, NC. After that, they got huge, and Hulk Hogan was their heel, and I’d stay up in my little apartment in The Tenderloin where I was banging out a novel — and I’d stop working every time WCW came on.

Those dudes beat the shit out of each other.

Of course it wasn’t real.

But it kinda was.

Just like The Bang Bus, right? I mean it’s not really real…those dudes don’t really drive around town until they find a cute girl on the side of the road who’s willing to jump into a stranger’s van. But those whores are really jumping into a van, and getting fucked in the back of it while driving around Miami, so that makes it real, right?

Am I making sense?

I always wondered why no one really gets pissed at the pro wrestlers who promote violence and hatred in a world coming apart at the seams with violence and hatred, yet people are all up in arms over porno. Why don’t those right wing, conservative nut bags protest pro wresting? They’re all over us…why not them?

Well, they’re all big fans of pro wresting. Which really doesn’t make much sense either, cause all those right wing, conservative nut bags love to jerk to porn, too; in fact, they’re my biggest fans.

One of the cool things about living in LA is movies open here first.

One of the cool things about living in LA are celebrity sightings, which I’m a total geek boy over.

Last night I went to see Mickey Rourke in “The Wrestler“, and while I was walking into the theater, Marilyn Manson and one of the actors in “The Wrestler” — Evan Rachel Wood — were walking out.


But since I was fucking around on my cell, I didn’t catch a very good celebrity sighting. Which is to say on a scale of 1 – 10, I’d rank this a 6, but it had the potential of being a 10! Evan Rachel Wood going to see her own movie with Marilyn Manson scores a 10 in my book…unless they were there to see “Gran Torino” or “Slum Dog Millionaire” — which is highly doubtful.

(I scored an 8 once when I spotted Sean Penn and Kevin Spacey hanging out together; they walked into Black Oak Books in Berkeley, CA…one of my very favorite bookstores in that great book town.)

Adrianna Nicole, who made me aware of Miss Wood and Miss Manson, got a really good look at them, and she told me they’re a couple. Or they were a couple? Or something along those lines.

I really liked “The Wrestler”, and as I sat there watching Mickey Rourke play himself, it was hard for me to stop thinking about all the parallels between my profession and what The Wrestler does for a living.

Some of the critics have already panned The Wrestler, and maybe they’re right — in as much as part of the film are predictable and contrived. But I really liked it, and when it comes your way, I’d say go check it out.

I gotta run. Time to work. See, I’m shooting an interracial gang bang for the world’s greatest interracial website — Blacks on Blondes — and it’s time to go to set.

And even though the gang bang is fake…it’s very, very real.

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