Samone Taylor — Cumbanged.

Samone Taylor

Samone Taylor just called.

She’s pissed.

“I just got off the phone with my friend. He saw me on your site — Cumbang. It’s totally racist!”

“Well,” I said, “before we go any further, you need to know something. That isn’t my site.”

“You don’t own that site?”

“No, I don’t. I’m just a hired gun. An employee. I cast it, and then I shoot it, and then I send it off. From there, it’s out of my hands.”

Samone continued. “Well, all I know is you misrepresented it. If I would have had any idea what was going on, I would never have done it!”

I’d like to interject something here…something to you, The Reader. This isn’t a made up conversation; nor do I exaggerate. Even though it’s now been about 3 hours since it went down, I’m retelling it as it happened.

“I’m confused Samone,” I said. “What did I misrepresent?”

“That site is totally racist!”

“Well, Samone, if you’re talking about the site’s design, that’s something I have nothing to do with. I’m like you here — a hired hand. I’ll say this again…I cast it, and then I shoot it, and then I send it off. After that, I’m all done.”

“You never told me about Confederate flags!”

Are you hearing this? Cause I can’t believe I am. Again, I’m talking to you, Reader. Here’s a girl that’s in a scene blowing a bunch of dudes wearing Confederate Flag tee’s…and she’s telling me I didn’t tell her about a scene in which she appeared, completed, and was compensated in full.

As its star.

And never once did she complain about a thing.

Not before, during, or after her Cumbang.

Not before, during, or after her trip to the gloryhole.

Until now.

Then, it dawned on me. Maybe she was one of the first girls I shot? Before The Producer ordered the shirts? Or maybe she was one of the two girls who decided against shooting the scene unless the male talent removed their shirts.

Cause that’s the way we roll — we (as in The Producer and I) would never fire a girl home cause the Rednecks were flying their flag on their shirts. Instead of sending the girl home without a pay day, we had the dudes take their shirts off. So, if you’re wondering why there’s a few scenes without the Rednecks in their Redneck garb, there you have it.

But neither was the case with Samone Taylor; in addition, before the scene rolled, while each girl and every girl was in the make-up chair, I went over exactly what was about to go down.

“Well there’s a part in your movie where the guys meet and talk about the girl that’s about to blow them. In one of those parts, the white guys call the girl a nigger! I mean, it’s bad enough I’m in porn, but having them call me a nigger?!”

Then, she started to cry.

It’s not the first time a girl has cried to me about starring in a porno I directed.

It is the first time I’ve ever had a black girl say anyone on my set called her a nigger.

Cause it’s never happened.


As in, not once.

“Samone, no one ever said that. Not to any of the girls, and not to you. A few of the black girls on the site call their black boyfriends “nigger” cause, I guess, he was a cheater and they were pissed, but I defy you to watch any of those scenes and show me where that happened. And you were on my set the entire time that scene was shot. You know the guys talk about the girl before we shoot it. You were there. You could hear it. All they’re doing is going over your story. About your cheating boyfriend. And that you’re here for revenge. That’s it.”

“I didn’t see Confederate Flags anywhere!”

“Samone. They were wearing Confederate Flags tee’s and socks while you blew them.”

“I don’t remember that! You never told me!”

I knew where this conversation was going, which is about the same place all these conversations go when a girl regrets starring in a dirty movie. Here’s how it goes down: Samone was told the same exact thing every single girl who ever walks on to my set is told, which is exactly what’s about to go down. But they don’t care. Not about that. Porn Whores care about The Money, and the problems they’ll solve once they get paid, and beyond that…well, they’ll deal with that once they have to cross that bridge. And we might as well call that bridge either “The Family Bridge” or “The Boyfriend Bridge” cause, in almost all cases, neither the Porn Whore’s family nor her boyfriend knows exactly what it is they’re doing in LA.

Oh, sure, her family thinks she’s working hard waiting tables during the day and “auditioning to be an actress” or “trying to get some modeling work at night” whenever she can…and sure, her boyfriend knows she does some “nude modeling” from time to time to pay the bills (some, or most of which, are his).

I’m not saying this is Samone’s story…but it probably is.

Should I feel bad?

Should I laugh out loud?

Am I going to hell?

Are angels weeping for my soul?

And why am I telling you any of it?

And now, a brief afterward written almost 12 hours after this entry. Samone Taylor just called with an apology. After visiting Cumbang herself, she felt her friend was wrong.

Samone Taylor

5 thoughts on “Samone Taylor — Cumbanged.”

  1. I think you’re telling your readers this because you… feel something about this. I’m not going to call it something as strong as “regret” but there is some pang, some twinge of a sentiment. You might be feeling that there is certain way you should be feeling, but don’t quite feel. You’re confused about the half-formed emotion, and this leads you to your perennial standby outlet: writing.

    At least that’s my take on it.

  2. 808cr3iotf85. or whatever has it right. Our young Will has a conscience AND an intelligent mind (and, no, they do not always mix). He knows that there is nothing really WRONG with shooting porn. He doesn’t force anyone, or trick them into either performing in or watching what he does. The performer are paid well and the customers are not overcharged. It is not illegal. But, somehow, it doesn’t FEEL right. Not to the performers, who, as Bill is constantly reminding us, come and go in porn with predictable regularity, almost always regretting their time in porn. Not to the customer who hides his penchant for watching people do the same three things to one another (lick, suck, fuck)over and over again, off in one very private corner of his life. (I mean, why can I not watch porn and eat fried eggs and french fries at the same time?). And not to Bill, who can’t get a date with a girl whom he would take home to Mom unless he lies to her, and set out in life to teach high schoolers to write, and who deals with the conflict by telling perfect strangers all about his mixed feeling on the internet. Porn’s not wrong, it just feels that way. Weird, huh?

  3. Plus, Samone Taylor is really homely which makes Bill, and all of us, feel really bad, too.

  4. I know Samone Taylor but not by that name. Her name is [edited out…why do people love to out porn stars??] and no her mother doesnt know that she does porn.. but it figures cause shes beeb a whore since [again edited out] high school. Oh my name is Katrina by the way. [I let Katrina’s name stand].

  5. Just fucking strange that you guys use the Confederate Flag for porn, I never realized this was used. I don’t get why it has to even be there, what purpose is it serving? I’m sure people just want to watch interracial porn. Maybe just get rid of the flag in the first place… we get it, the South lost the war and it’s racist as fuck. Why allude to people wanting to defend slavery? I like interracial but not when it makes me feel icky lol.

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