Super fun e-mails.

Blacks On Blondes

(Not The Real) Ron Jeremy writes:

Hi Billy,

I think the popularity of your blog and certain sites tells us that folks like some “reality” mixed in with their porn. For many of us, we are not only turned on by the girls but we are also fascinated by the porn life and lifestyle. Call me crazy but I think a site that is based on the life of wesley t pipes would be fascinating and would create a demand. Users would be able to see the life of wesley, see an ordinary day of him:

-beating down a whitey just cuz he’s white

-giving one of his bitches a proper beating for demanding child support for one of his kids

-engaging in everyday wesley type activities such as stealing, consuming or selling drugs, running from the 5-0, sharpening his spears

-spending his money on cars, clothes, jewelry and drugs

-and of course banging white chicks He is a very fascinating and scary character, I feel a site based on his life would do well. Many are enticed by the gangsta life but never come near it. During the course of your filming I am sure you would get some great quotes from the crazed negro. You could then make t-shirts base on them. In no time wesley would be an icon. The site would include a blog of “deep thoughts by wesley”. There is one issue I see that you would have to navigate and that is how to successfully videotape all of his antics while not becoming an accessory to crime. Give this some serious thought Billy, I bet it would make money.

Hi Ron!

I think, as a whole, getting and reading your e-mails makes my week. It really does. Any time anyone makes me laugh, it makes my day. Sometimes my week. And, on rare times, my month. And of course I take all your e-mails seriously, as I am going to do with this…so let me address it directly, right now.

I think there’s a site based on Wes. I don’t recall what it is, but I’ll ask next time I see him, which should be soon. See…in the old days, Wes was kinda dogged by his (relatively) weak pop shot. He can fuck like a champ, but when it came time to pop, it just wasn’t all there. I think Wes would be the first to agree with me.

I’m assuming you’re a guy, as I am, and we all know, being guys, that’s there’s really one major reason why, when it comes time to cum, and there’s not much of a pop, that occurs: your ball sac is empty.

Now, in my case, an empty ball sac means I’m beating my meat too much.

I have no idea why or how your balls get drained.

Wesley’s balls are drained cause Wesley fucks a whole bunch, and let me tell you (for the most part) who/what he fucks: pretty white girls. Pretty white girls who are really into scary black guys. (He also likes Asian girls, and, I think black girls, but I’m not too sure on the black girl thing. In other words, don’t quote me on the black girl thang).

Anways, recently Wes raised his rates, and that’s a really good thing, cause while he still fucks a bunch of pretty white girls off camera, he’s not doing it as much on camera, which means lately, his pop has been really very strong. So, in addition to a great rap, and a great performer, you now get a pop to go along with it.

I’m a big Wesley fan. Always have been. I think he’s one of the best…maybe one of the best ever. I wish I could use him all the time, cause I would. I’ve even thought about making a documentary on his life. I don’t think there would be much spear sharpening, or many beat-downs on whitey cause whitey’s white, and I don’t think Wes has any kids…other than that, I’m not going to comment on Mr. Wesley Pipes and what goes on in his private life, other than to say he’s one of the most dangerous people I know, and I really like working with him, and, in addition to a good co-worker, I consider Wes a friend.

And no, no t-shirts.

As Wesley would say, that ain’t my bidniss.

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