B.B.Q. Sauce All Over My Shoot – and Riley Mason

Riley's on Eat Some Ass

I think by now you know how much I like Riley Mason – both as a porno star and a real person – so to see her show up in anything I shoot isn’t a big surprise. When I got the OK from her agent that she’d Eat Some Ass, well, duh…I booked it.

But I didn’t shoot it.

Cause I’m trying my hardest not to work too much, and my business partners are being very cool with this, so I’m booking and coordinating more, and letting other people shoot.

Chico Wang, a very good pal and someone whose work I admire, said he wasn’t doing much that night, and agreed to shoot it…which worked out perfectly cause Chico lives right around the corner from the Porn Hotel where, among other starlets, Riley Mason calls home while she’s working in LA.

I’m a big believer in hands-off anything, especially when someone with talent is running the show. So the night Riley ate some ass, I was the hand-off producer, meaning Chico Wang, as director, called all the shots. And that makes sense, cause, after all, Chico shoots tons of very excellent dirty movies. Who am I to tell him, specifically, what I want?

Oh sure – he knew the premise of the site, and where the cum shot belonged, but other than that, I felt that was I the coaching he needed…and I was right.

The scenario: Riley entertains Joe Rock. She blows him a bit, then it’s time to Eat Some Ass. But who wants to eat a hairy asshole? And Joe had one, so Chico sent someone to Walgreen’s to buy those waxing strips you heat up over the stove…cause Riley was not to eat a hairy ass…a clean, well waxed ass was on the menu for her, and Chico made sure of it. So Riley laid Joe Rock down, laid the waxing strips on hus hairy bunger, and pulled it all off.

Do I need to tell you Joe wasn’t too happy?

And when you’re chowing on your food, you rarely eat it plain, right? I mean, if you’re having, say, a burger, you’d put mustard and ketchup and tomatoes and lettuce on it, right? I mean I would…so when Chico asked Riley if she like some BBQ sauce with her ass – BBQ’d Ass, I suppose – she knodded her head up and down.

“Yum,” I think she said, but really now I don’t remember.

So that night she ate some BBQ’d ass, and I laughed really hard, and so did she, and Chico, and everyone else who was there, except Joe Rock. I don’t think he liked any of it.

My business partners didn’t like it, either. And all they ever saw was a still picture or two – just like you’re looking at here. They didn’t like it cause BBQ sauce can be mistaken for other things – Number 2 being one of those things.

You know Number 2:




Now…I’m really aware of issues like this each and every time I walk on set, whether I’m shooting the scene or not. Even with Chico directing and my hands-off policy, if he was doing something I thought might get me in trouble…well, that’s when I’d turn to hands-on and stop it. But it never came to that point; in fact, I loved the scene.

I mean it’s BBQ sauce. It’s BBQ sauce from the second it comes out of the bottle till the end of the scene. No one even insinuates it’s any else but BBQ sauce. And the written decription for the scene…if we ever get that far, will solidify one thing, and one thing only: BBQ Sauce.

I just don’t know if it’s ever gonna see the light of day. It seems my partners are holding their ground on this one, and really, that’s OK with me. We each get a vote on any issue that comes up, and if I’m voted out on this round, then that’s the way it will be. I’ll accept that.

My grandpa always said “a partnership is a sinking ship”, but even though my partnership’s gone through some rough seas, it’s managed to stay a float so far…and besides, this is the first time in some 200 or so scenes where there’s ever been an issue with content being somewhat objectionable.

I’m hoping for a change of heart from them, but I think I’m gonna lose on this one. And like I said…that’s OK by me.

Riley's on Eat Some Ass

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