The Money Shot

Tabitha's Money Shot

I think I’ll make this quick.

Let’s face it, we all love a good cum shot; in fact, it’s the reason most of us pervy pervs watch porn. I know it’s the one part of a dirty movie I’ll fast-forward to.

So, with that said, I think I’ll talk briefly about some of the best pop shots ever to appear on Spunkmouth.

Why not?

One of the earliest scenes making today’s list is the Doctor AZ and BJ Swallows Spunkmouth scene. A great amateur scene, if I say so, and I think I will, cause I shot it, and it really is a great scene. Not cause Z plowed her silly, or that BJ Swallows loved it all…Z’s pop shot resembled a fire hose, and BJ’s face, hair, and tits were ablaze, and when it was all said and done, Doctor Z put the fire out…and then some.

I shot this amateur girl named Jasmine last summer. She was great. Nice girl (my thing), lotsa tats (not my thing), and we found this cat who wanted to be a “porn star”, so we gave him a shot. Jasmine also needed cash badly (what porn girl doesn’t?) so she was willing to have our guy stick it in her butt. She really didn’t do anal too much in her private life, but that extra $100 bucks made her give it a try. Well…it didn’t work out too well, but our guy sure did, and he unloaded a giant gusher of man goo all over her…to the point it took her breath away. Oh yea, you read right. As he hosed her down, she made that little gasping sound I’ve only heard a handful of times before…it can best be described as the sound of a great money shot.

Depending on what site you visit, Spunkmouth Tabitha spells her name like we do…”Tabitha”, or, sometimes, it’s “Tabetha”. Either way is fine by me. What I liked best about Tabitha is her girl-next-store looks, and the fact our dude dumped so much baby batter on her face he ended up gluing both her eyes shut. The best part was the cum missle he fired over her head, just skimming her hair do enough to leave a streak in it, all the way down the back of her head, where it landed on her ass. I kid you not.

Spunkmouth Nicole is another early amateur shoot I did, and I shot it on my birthday a few years back, and Spring Thomas was hanging around that night, and I think after I wrapped the scene, Spring took my out for a little birthday dinner…I think. I do remember Nicole, cause it was her first – and last – scene ever. And the only guy she’d let touch her was her (then) boyfriend, and even though I wouldn’t shoot that kind of scene now, I shot it then, and that’s ok…cause it’s a good scene. There’s some buttfucking in it, too, so it scores some bonus points there…but it’s the dude’s pop shot that really makes the scene work well. And you know, just by looking at her face while he unloaded about a week’s worth of pent-up frustration on her, that this sort of thing doesn’t happen in their private life…but come to think of it, who’s private life does this ever happen it?

I’ve blogged Taryn Thomas before. And I’ll do it now. Cause after she was “Britt”, and right on the cusp of her leaving for Los Angeles, I shot Taryn for Spunkmouth, and it turned out superbly. What a talent she has! Taryn can fuck with the best of them, but again, it’s the pop shot that makes this scene really work. The dude’s name was “Karma”, and I think Karma held off at least 5 days before walking on to my set. If you don’t believe me, just watch the scene. I think Taryn was in the shower for half an hor after this scene wrapped…just to clean the jizz out of her pretty brunette hair musta taken 20 minutes.

Jasmine's Money Shot

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