Nadia Synn

Nadia Synn

A local agent, Cole Montana, sent me a picture of Nadia Synn a few weeks ago, and I told him to book her immediately. I didn’t care if I was in Los Angeles and she was back home; I absolutely had to have her on at least Spunkmouth.

In fact, when I booked her, I knew I wouldn’t be able to shoot her, and since my partners and I decided I was working a bit too much, it might be time to hire someone else to shoot some of Spunkmouth’s content. Three years ago, if someone told me there’d be someone besides me behind the wheel of a Spunkmouth shoot, I’d have scoffed.

Now, it kinda makes sense. I am working too much, and I do need some help, and besides, maybe it’s time to bring someone else in to work a Spunkmouth camera. I’ll be the first to admit too much of anything bores me, even if it’s my work, and really, besides some of the shit Whoremonger sends us, Spunkmouth is pretty much me.

Until Nadia Synn.

Good god. Nadia shot better than the pictures Cole sent me, and, in fact, it was Cole who shot the scene…and what a scene it turned out to be. Nadia’s a total heet, and that always helps. There’s two things – two key ingrediants – to quality stoke flicks; numero uno being the girl’s looks…but the other key ingrediant, the one can put a scene over the top, is how much the female talent likes sex…and Nadia Synn likes sex.

No. She loves sex.

I guess it couldn’t be any more evident than watching her pussy juice drip down the dude’s dick. You read right…it literally drips down his weiner. In all the scenes I’ve ever shot – which, I think, might be close to 400 now – I think I’ve seen a pussy drip cream maybe a total of 6 times.

Nadia’s into sex that much.

The only thing I don’t like about the scene?

I didn’t shoot it. But that’s a good thing. Might be the reason it turned out as good as it did.

Word has it, some big internet porno program was about to offer Nadia a contract, and things didn’t work out. Word has it she lives in some hotel somewhere and doesn’t have a car, but she’s got a cell phone, and that makes perfect sense. I don’t really care about any of that…we just need more content with her in it.

This time – good or bad – I’m shooting it.

Nadia Synn

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