Nikki Lake


I’ve heard someone say she’s the splitting image of the 24 and Girl Next Door Star star Elisha Cuthbert, but I wouldn’t know, cause I’ve never watched those shows. In fact, I really don’t watch TV, except Bill Maher’s show on HBO, and South Park, and VH1 Classics, and lately, Dave Letterman.

Damn, Dave’s getting funny again. I haven’t watched the show since maybe 1994, when it was getting kinda boring, but for some reason I set my TIVO thingy for a week’s worth of Dave recently, just to see what he’s been up to, and either I caught him on a really strong week, or his show is just really good again. I dunno for sure though, cause I haven’t been home in almost a month, so I’ll watch the 15 or so shows that are on my TIVO thingy and see if they’re as good.

Anyway, I met Nikki Lake at A’s mountain top bachelor pad a few years ago. She was stripping then, I think, but I’m not 100% sure about that. She was hanging out at A’s – that’s for sure. And I immediately asked her if she’d be interested in making some dirty movies, and almost as immediately as my asking her that she said no.

No. No way. Not interested. But thanks.

And then she walked away.

I saw her some more over there, and we talked, but I never really brought it up again. Then one day she called me and asked if she could make one.

A dirty movie, that is…

I mean I think that’s how it went, cause looking back at it now, I really don’t remember. Maybe Spring can help me out here, cause they were pals for a short time, or maybe Sophia can help me out there, cause they were pals for a short while…but I can’t help myself here – that’s for sure.

Here’s a fun fact: Nikki Lake was the very first girl shot for our (then) new site, JOMG. I was kinda into the idea of having my dick sucked on camera back then, so I POV’d it, and I dragged poor Nikki into a public restroom in a park in the middle of suburbia, in the middle of a very hot summer day…so we really didn’t worry about getting caught.

And we didn’t.

And I quickly grew out of having my dick sucked on camera soon thereafter. But boy, did I jizz on her glasses. Big time. I even surprised myself. And Nikki was a sport about it, and she laughed, and we cleaned her off and marched her right outta that place and into afternoon traffic…it was interesting.

She liked it enough to come back. I dunno if it was the thrill of getting blasted in the face with man goo, or the thrill of making really quick, easy money; I’m guessing the latter.

This time, I booked her for Spunkmouth, and I had Doctor Z – this cat we were using for a while as male talent – fuck her silly. Not only did he fuck her silly, but he plowed her ass, too. Fun, huh? One of the first times I shot an anal scene! And Nikki Lake loved every second of it. Here’s a few Spunkmouth Nikki Lake movies just to prove I’m right.

Anyways, I saw Nikki a few times after that. We hung out once or twice; I went over to her place for a popsicle, and we chatted about all the things there were to chat about back then.

Last time I heard from her, she was back stripping, and she needed some money, but I didn’t have any work for her at all, so she hung up, and that was that.


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