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Ricki K. writes:

G’Day Billy.

I have been viewing your site for a few months now and have a question and a statement i wish to put forward. Anyway, the question first.

We all know how the female pornstars think of their jobs and how they feel about being a whore. But, how does the male pornstar feel? Do they seem to hate their job and only do it for the money or what? I have a feeling that most of them would love their job though…

And the statement. I hate when cameraman talk, or more notably commentate the scene. (i.e, cameramen going “Going to lick it before you dick it”), what i am getting at is there much protocol for if cameramen should talk or if they should just stay out of it?


G’Day, Ricky!

All the male talent in this business love what they do. They should, cause they’re sex addicts.

Oh sure, it’s silly to make a statement that’s totally overgeneralized like that, but really, they do….and they are. Some quit after a spell, but most of the time they quit cause even though they might have pulled off a few good scenes early in their career, they developed wood problems, and were forced out.

And don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with being a sex addict, as long as you don’t fuck up anyone but yourself, right? And the male talent in this business are, for the most part, working their addiction the safest and best way that can be expected.

Not to change the subject, but ever notice most of the males in the biz are the same dudes you’ve been seeing since about 1986?

Peter North.

Randy West.

Ton Byron.

TT Boy.

Julian St. Jox.

Shit, even Ron Jeremy still gets work. TT Boy really doesn’t anymore, but he could if he wanted to; same with Randy West.

There’s a reason for this, my friend. It takes a special guy to fuck in front of a camera and keep wood even when he doesn’t like the girl he’s fucking, for whatever reason that may be. In fact, it takes such a special guy that most aren’t that special.

And these special guys love their job, and they do it for the money as well as to fuck a brand new girl (almost) everyday, and that’s about the sum of it.

And yea…I hate it too when a camera guy blathers on and on while shooting a scene…and I wonder, sometimes, why I do it so much.

PS: Take a look at this heet I shot for her website a few weeks ago. Her name’s Carli Banks, and looking at her makes me wanna be a total sex addict.

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