Scene Carriers, Load Dumpers, and On-set Tension.

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ST’s in town.

ST is Spring Thomas.

The town – Los Angeles.

Two scenes today: a b/g with Sledgehammer, and then, out of nowhere, as Sledge is poundin’ her, I had 3 load dumpers step up and make a mess on her face; second up, a cuckold scene that got a little nuts.

But I think some definitions are in order. See, in this crazy biz, there’s “scene carriers” and “load dumpers”. In the first scene, for example, Sledgehammer was the scene carrier. The three guys who follow – load dumpers – simply bust a nut. That’s really all that’s required of a load dumper. Dick size isn’t really important, nor is the ability to work any dialogue. Just bust a nut.

Imagine getting paid to just show up on set, step up to the plate (today’s plate being the beautiful and lovely Miss Spring Thomas) and busting a nut.

Now, I’m not saying today’s load dumpers couldn’t carry a scene. In fact, 2 of the 3 do get work carrying scenes. Anyway, Sledge did a great job, and the load dumpers did a great job, and more than that, ST did a great job…for a couple reasons. She’s getting really good carrying her end of the deal without direction. Her sense of timing during a scene is now second nature. In other words, she’s got the 2 minute rule down pat.

2 Minute Rule? Oh, am I a big believer in the 2 Minute Rule!

(In fact, I just invented that term as it applies to dirty movies. The 2 Minute Rule. If you ever want to use the term “2 Minute Rule” in anything you say or do, please Paypal me an appropriate royalty fee; I’ll let you decide what that may be.)

Anyway, 2 minutes is about the length of time something should be carried out in a dirty flick…unless it’s super interesting or something magical is happening. So, if ST is blowing a dude on her knees, in about 2 minutes I’ll ask her to jump on the couch and blow him there; however, today with Sledge I never once had to tell her when to move, cause at about 1:58, ST was moving Sledge to the next position.

Whew. That took too long to explain.

Anyway, the other thing ST did today that was great…when the load dumpers walked up and dumped on her, she didn’t flinch. Not for a second. She didn’t try to wipe anything off her face. She didn’t call for a time out. She just kept at it with Sledge as 3 loads were tossed directly into her face. Then, Sledge unloaded right onto her tummy.

Not bad, huh? Makes for some mighty fine whacking material, if you ask me.

Second scene got kinda nutty – no pun intended. I hired a cuckold to pound his dinky with his fist while ST pleasured herself using a large-dicked African American male. That’s really what this all boils down to: ST uses these dudes for their immense penises. Once she’s done, she tells them to haul ass.

Well, after today’s black dude hauled ass, ST had a big smile on her face. Who could blame her? Then, the cuckold stepped up to the plate to unload. We figured that

1) since he was a good cuckold and allowed ST to humiliate him using various techniques including talking to him like a baby and laughing in his face


2) since the cuckold gave ST some oral pleasure after each sexual position with the black guy that…

the poor cuckold deserved a reward. Hence, he got to nut in her face.

Now, before the nutting took place, Cuckold warned everyone he’s quite a shooter. So I tell ST, “hey, if he shoots like crazy, it’s ok to get down low and let a few blasts streak over your head.”

Sure enough, the Cuckold was a blaster.

So when cuckold starting blasting, ST did exactly that – she hunkered down; however, I took her ducking as cumdodging. Cuckold did the same, and grabbed ST and yanked her head back up as he contiuned to blast away…while I bit my lip over what I perceived to be a cum dodging issue.

Then, after cuckold unloaded about a gallon of man goo all over ST’s face, she started to wipe. She didn’t want The Burn to set into her eyes, and really, who could blame her?

Still, it’s a big No-No.

So I barked. Loudly. Then, there was an exchange between us. It was rather heated. She refused to speak at all after that. So, I rolled my film, snapped my pics, and wrapped. There was some more heated moments afterwards, too.

In the end, I apologized.

Stupid thing, really…to stress over something as meaningless as whether or not my female talent wipes some jizz off her face before I take stills. And to raise my voice at someone who means so much to me? Ugh…

In other words, in the future I’m going to quit being an asshole and worry more about the things that really matter in this life.

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