Super fun e-mails.

Mano Job

-sck- writes:

Hi Billy,

(oh, I forgot, may I call you Billy?)

a couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon your blog while looking for info about Riley Mason, I’ve been reading it almost daily since then, it’s very very interesting to learn what happens “behind the camera”, and how “the biz” works.

Since you seem quite an expert in porn related stuff, I wish you could give me your opinion about european porn, especially east-european. I’ve seen a flourishing of sites like MET-art ( sample here ) or femjoy ( sample here ), or Hegre-archives and so on (I’m sure you know more than I do) , featuring the most gorgeous girls I’ve ever seen on earth, those sites have no sex, no gangbangs, no jizz, just beautiful bodies, I know this is not your playfield as I’ve seen you have specialized in more “filthy” stuff ( btw, so your new job is to get your stick jerked by beautiful whores? oh man, how much I hate you! [kidding] ) but I’m sure you could answer this question as it’s more related to photography and such rather than pure porn : basically, what’s the secret behind getting paid to take pictures of beautiful nude models ?

ps: I’ve noticed you have quite a talent as a cartoonist as well, the doodles in your latest posts look awesome! ;D

Hi -sck-!

Dude. First off, of course you can call me Billy. This is a porno blog, bro! No formalities around here, ever.

It seems these days a lot of people seem to find my blog looking for stuff about Riley Mason. In fact, her name is the #1 search term for my blog when it comes to Google’s traffic. So here’s another pic of Riley! This still comes from her ManoJob scene. It’ll be up soon!!

I also have no idea on Eastern European porn. Funny, once I started making porn, I quit watching it. So I guess I’m really not that much of an expert on porn stuff. I do know that beauty is a universal language, and everyone has their own interpretations on it, and no matter how you define it, heets sell well.

As for secrets to becoming a paid cameraman, there are none, really. I don’t think knowledge of a camera is important. Shit, just look at my work. I think it’s way harder to find heets to do naughty things than it is to read a book on basic digital photography. It’s also hard to find a producer to back you. So, either find a producer who has money to pay you and the talent, or bankroll yourself. Once you shoot a whole bunch of naughty pics and movies, just find a marketing device for your inventory. There’s plenty out there: Club-XStream, Adult Legal, Ounique…like everything else you need to discover in life, just Google it!

Finally, thanks for the complements on the cartoons, but I don’t draw them.

Your pal, Billy.

And just for good measure, today I throw in another super fun e-mail from my pal The Slob.

Slob writes:

Hey Billy,

I’m curious. I’ve been seeing some odd finishing techniques on Spunkmouth. The male talent do this weird move where they grab their junk by reaching over their cock and coming backwards in a most uncomfortable looking way to get the final load blowing rubs in. It’s like a reverse head polish or something. What gives?


Dearest Slob.

I know what you mean. It’s a weird and funky jack style. I think Robbie James does it. I’m not sure if these galleries show exactly what you’re talking about, but I know exactly what you mean. I think Robbie does it here, in this Spunkmouth movie, when he’s about to nut on Sarah Summers; and maybe in these blowjob movies, he does it too.

I’m not sure what to make of it. Have you tried it? Maybe he’s on to something? As far as I’m concerned, when I tug on my weiner, it’s a fast, piston-like motion through the fist, preferably with a touch good lubricant tossed in the mix…you know, just like that Ferrari you drive these days.

Hope this helps!

Your pal, Billy.

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