In which I recollect on some Blacks On Blondes scenes…

Dogfart's Mansion

I got my first real “break” shooting porn stars and people who are professionals in this business from The Producer. His big site at the time was Blacks On Blondes.

Still is.

With Dogfart running the show, The Producer rented a mansion. If you’ve read some of my past blogs, I speak of this place fondly as “Dogfart’s Secret Mansion.”

We made a helluva lot of porn there; some of it was good, some of it bad, and some of it was ugly. Here’s a little taste for ya.

Michelle Raven. Tony Everready and her had something going, but I was never really sure what exactly that was. I always liked Michelle. A total pro. Ask her to bang 5 brothers? Not a problem. Ask her to do something crazy? Not a problem. I think, somewhere on the internet, there exists a scene in which she snorts cum like it’s cocaine. Off a mirror. Up her nose. And nope, we didn’t shoot it.

I don’t remember this poor girl’s name. I do remember the scene well. She had to read some poetry. It was a poem on black dick. It was a funny poem, that I remember. I also remember when Byron Long pulled his dick out, she started to cry. I mean real tears. She wanted to stop before we really even started. She wasn’t used to big dick, and she was afraid it was going to hurt. So we all took a break. I honestly thought we were done for the day. But guess what? She tried it out off camera, and liked it. So we ended up shooting the scene. Nice, huh?

Hailey. A total amateur girl. Now you see her, now you don’t. She was from my hometown, and I met her there, and she needed work, so you know the story. I didn’t see her for months afterward…and then one day she called. Looking for more work. I directed her to one of the few reputable agencies in LA, and they saw this scene, and flew her out. When she walked off the plane she weighed like 100 pounds more than she did when we shot her. So they sent her home.

I must be getting old. I can’t remember anyone’s names anymore, I swear. I think this girl called herself Stacey. She was barely legal. Like just out of high school, and I think she came down from somewhere up north, and she was another one of these now-you-see-her-now-you-don’ts. She did a great scene, however, afterward, she had a problem pulling out all of the make-up sponges in her pussy. I know what you’re thinking…what the fuck?! Well, why let something like a period keep you from making your money? Clog the pussy with the pie-shaped make-up sponges you get a Walgreen’s, then earn your money. Makes sense, right? Anyway, S.S., one of the directors, “helped” her pull them all out later, in his room.

Porn Star Friday has a “F” tattooed above her pussy. F for Friday! She’s like 5 feet tall, and an ex-gymnast. Wow, what a hardbody. And she loved black guys. This scene went great. I think Friday played a real estate agent, showing a mansion to a bunch of black guys so they could rent it for a party. Do I need to tell you how the story ends?

Here’s one of my first – and only – acting roles for Blacks On Blondes. That’s right, I acted. No, I didn’t fuck. I acted. Serious. My poor “niece” had a problem. A problem with black guys. She loved them, and I was on a mission to stop it…so, just like when my dad caught me somking a cigar and made me smoke 5 in a row as punishment, I had my niece do a bunch a black guys, so she’d get sick of them, and never want do a black guy again. Um, I don’t think it worked.

I think I’ll end this blog entry with Aurora Snow, and one of her very first scenes. It might be one of her first interracial scenes. I can’t be sure, but I’d definately say, like, one of her first 5 IR scenes. She was 18. Totally new. Totally great. And I see she’s bookable again, but I don’t think she works with black guys anymore.

Wonder if I have a shot at a Manojob?

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