Super fun e-mails.

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Mark writes:

Billy Watson,

I want to do porn so bad and time is passing so fast. You see, I’ll be 40 this year and I have been a fan of porn for at least 20 years. All I would like to do is maybe a anal gang bang scene with a fine, big azz, white girl. Can you help me man? If so please shoot an email to me.

P.S. Although I will be 40 I really don’t look nor do I feel it. Houston, Tx

Thanks man!

Hi Mark!

Are you suffering from an incurable diesease? Somehow, that’s the sound of your e-mail. I mean, I know time passes very quickly. I mean one second it’s 1988 and knucklehead George Bush is President, and the next second it’s 2006, and knucklehead George Bush is President. But the tone in your e-mail is one of hey Billy I have cancer and the last thing I want to do before I kick the bucket is butt fuck a fat ass white girl with a whole bunch of other dudes.

Either way, I’m sorry, but I can’t help you. But here’s a picture of Porn Star Sophia and Spring Thomas; neither one of them has a “big azz”. They’re goofing off in the Gloryhole before Sophia stepped up to the plate.

Your pal, Billy.

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