Some Things I Love in My Life, Lately.


Lunchables: My very favorite snack at the moment is super white trash, super dumb…and super yum! They’re so easy! Just peel the plastic top off, and you get your cheese, your meat, and your crackers…in three separate little containers! MMmm-mmm good! I’m actually fond of the Turkey / Cheddar combo, but the only picture I could find was the Ham / Cheddar choice. They’re not perfect, though: your cheddar cheese option is placed in the packaging kinda sideways (in order to make it all fit nicely), so you gotta pull the hunk of pre-sliced cheese out of the package and turn it the right way in order to peel them off. Well, when you do that, they don’t fit into the original packaging anymore, so just make sure wherever you set them down is clean.

Silver Lake: This tidbit of info from the Silver Lake web site: “The Silver Lake area is located just five miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles and just east of Griffith Park. The district gets its name from the Department of Water and Power’s Silver Lake Reservoir, which was named after Herman Silver, a member of Los Angeles’s first Board of Water commissioners. The Department of Water and Power established these reservoirs in the early 1900s as part of the city-wide system of water storage & delivery that today has only 10 open reservoirs remaining.”

The reason I like Silver Lake? It’s exactly 2.1 miles around, which makes for a great power walk with Maggie, and I’m starting to jog it, too…on a daily basis! Well, almost…but I’ve dropped a few LB’s, which means soon, you’ll be able to do your laundry on my wash board abs.

Uh huh.

Bill Maher: He’s a bachelor. He’s not an atheist, but pert near…and he sure does a good job arguing against religion; these two things we have in common. But no one tackles politics better than Bill. I watch his show to death, and the poor women in my life have suffered through Saturday nights in front of HBO and “Real Time”. (No wonder I’m single). I hear he loves black chicks, but I can’t confirm that. I also hear he’s a stone cold freak in the sack, but I can’t confirm that, either. But hey, when you’re friends with porn stars, you wouldn’t believe the shit you hear about celebs and what makes their freak flags fly. I think Bill’s my very favorite dude right now, but No Way Am I Gay.

Big Star Small World: I’ve gushed about Big Star more than once. If you still haven’t figured them out, here’s a quick intro: this kid named Alex Chilton was in a band called “The Box Tops” in the late 60’s, and the reason I refer to him as a kid is cause he was really just a kid. As a teen living in Memphis, Chilton wrote a song called “The Letter”, and it took The Box Tops to #1 in the charts. Then, Big Star…and relative obscurity. Certainly no more #1’s. In its short life, Big Star released three records, and all of them are masterpieces…well, certainly the first two. Flash forward to the late 90’s, and a small record label decided to do a Big Star tribute record, and they got acts like The Gin Blossoms and Matthew Sweet and Wilco to record their favorite Big Star songs. But before they can release it, the label goes belly-up, and the record languished for another decade (or so) until another label licensed the material and released it. Wilco’s version of “Thirteen” might be as good as the original; same goes for Whiskeytown’s cover of “Give Me Another Chance”. I was never a huge fan of The Gin Blossoms — even though we lived in the same neighborhood in Tempe, Arizona — but they fucking nailed “Back of a Car”. Fucking nailed it. If you don’t immediately go to iTunes and grab this, then you’re simply a fag. Which isn’t really a bad thing to be, right? No Way…

Aurora Snow: I think I’ve told you this, but I quit beating my meat to porn about the same time I starting shooting it. Fun, huh? What a way to cure “porn addiction” — just start making it! Not that I was addicted to porn; fuck, I don’t even believe in “porn addiction”. I believe behaviors that take us away from whatever it is that’s making us miserable (like a wife that won’t give it up anymore). Before I continue the digression, the reason I bring this all up is Aurora Snow was one of the last girls I ever pleasured myself to. (Is it OK to end a sentence with “to”?) Anyways, Aurora just spent the last 3 or 4 days in my studio, and she’s simply awesome. We took a trip to a brand new gloryhole, and she did another scene for Blacks on Blondes (the free movies were shot at Dogfart’s secret mansion 6 years ago, when she was still a teen), and she’s the latest update on Manojob, and we shot a couple top-secret projects, too. Aurora’s been in the game for 8 years now — 2 more than me — and she still really likes it.

I like Aurora.

A lot.

Ernest Borgnine: He’s 91 years old. He won an Oscar for Best Actor in 1955 for playing the lead in “Marty”. He just did a book signing at Book Soup, one of my very favorite bookstores. He’s a young, spry, 91 — and he says the way he stays that way is by beating off a whole bunch.

I’m fucking serious.

I Shoot Porn’s brand new look! : My blog is almost 3 years old. I’m closing in on 600 entries. While the writing might be stale at times, there’s no reason for the look to be stale, too. Time for a make over! Lemme know what you think.

Aurora Snow

6 thoughts on “Some Things I Love in My Life, Lately.”

  1. I like the redesign, it looks a lot more like a standard WordPress theme now. Aurora has always seemed like a whole lot of fun. She can project a wonderful, effervescent, life-loving personality, in a way that not a lot of stars can.

    You and I will simply have to agree to disagree about Bill Maher. I just wish he’d stop calling himself any kind of “libertarian”. He’s a left-interventionist liberal at best. Then again, I imagine that that’s where you are politically as well, which explains your affinity.

    And yes, I’ll confirm it. He loves black women in particular, but strippers and whores in general. He’s a cannabis enthusiast too.

  2. To my dismay, I know nothing about the latest trends in American snack food culture. I still think Oreos and Resse’s Cups are just amazing. I also turn Europeans on to peanut butter and jam all the time(with varying degrees of success)and have been known to crave a grilled cheese and BLT, which both have their European equivalents as well. but I think you may just be on to something with these Ham and Cheese Cracker things…

    I also know nothing about Bill Maher.

    I also think that there are a lot less men who watch porn because the “wife won’t give it up anymore” than you often claim in your blog. I stopped beating off to porn WHEN I got married because there is just too much real sex to have any desire to beat off. Porn is there only for the occasional glance, as long as it’s free, to keep an eye on the trends because No Way Do I Pay! When I was a a teenager and into my late twenties I kept people like you in Ham and Cheese Crackers through my porn comsumption because real sex only happened regularly when you lived with a girlfriend, otherwise as a single man, once a week was tops, on the average. More different partners definitely, but a LOT less actually fucking, and mostly a lot less good than what most married men get. You are trying to put off the evil day, as we know, but when you marry the right woman, you will be able to do whatever you want for a living, eat as much crap as you like and GET YOUR NUT EVERY DAMN’ DAY! in more weird ways than you ever have.

    In closing, one other thing I DO know a lot about in addition to sex in marriage, is that one can indeed not end a sentence with the word “to” since it is a preposition, as you know, but everyone does it, including journalists of the BBC nowadays because “Aurora Snow was one of the last girls I ever pleasured myself to” is preferable to “Aurora Snow is one of the last girls to whom I pleasured myself”, which would make even my dick droop because of its sheer pedantry.


  3. Wait a sec, D….so what you’re saying is your “too much real sex to have any desire to beat off” marriage is indicative of the institution as a whole?

  4. how much sex one is having is, of course, not indicative of any institution at all. this is true of marriage as it is, for instance, of university. however, if you didn’t get regularly laid in college it means you were doing something seriously wrong or in the wrong school, just as if you are not having enough sex and are married, you are either doing something wrong or married the wrong woman. women like getting humped as much as men enjoy humpimg them and if there is any difference with regard to frequency or or freedom to do whatever you want, it is that college girls are less willing then wives.

  5. Always an interesting read, man. Thanks.

    I’m not a huge fan of ham & cheese, but I have fond memories of Lunchables from my service days (like living on them for a couple days after Hurrican Opal hit Fl. while i was there). Haven’t eaten any in years, though.

    Bill Maher I have to take in small doses, but he’s got to be the guy I agree with the most, on shows like that.

    What did you think of The Replacements’ “Alex Chilton”? I’m curious.

    Aurora Snow? I’m sadly not anywhere as familiar with her as I think I would like to be, but… I tend to fixate on one porn girl for awhile, then move on to the next. Also… is that Nikki Rhodes in the top picture? She’s currently one of my fixations…

    Anyway, rock on, my friend. You keep writing stuff, I’ll keep reading it.

  6. The picture regarding the handie from the stripper is what I was referring to, involving Nikki Rhodes. I’m a bit of a klutz at this internet posting stuff.

    My bad.

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