Super Fun Message Board Posts: “I got a handie from a stripper!”

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Taint 1974 posts:

I was coming home from a conference for work and passed by some strip clubs so I stopped in since I hadn’t been to one in awhile, the place was very nice inside looked to be recently remodeled, it was around 3pm so it wasn’t busy and the strippers ranged from scary black chicks to young cute white chicks who made the wrong decisions in life. I got talking to one of the cute white one’s and we ended up in the lap dance section which was little individual booths with a curtain, after two song’s she asked if I wanted a hand job for $300, I said I didn’t have that much she countered with $200 and it included the $40 for the two lap dances before the offer and we would be done after 5 songs no matter what, I agreed and she went to work. This was a full cock out hand job not some half assed playing with my cock while talking dirty.

When we finished I started asking some questions about the illegal activity that just took place and she said the owner started to allow it once gas prices started to go up, the house and bouncer each get a 25% cut, no drunks or blacks are allowed to take part, nothing more than a handy and the cops who stop in after their shift get freebie’s. I also asked her if the money I gave her was going to pay for baby formula or go straight to her boyfriend she said neither and that she was going to buy weed with it.

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  1. nice to know exactly how your whoring dollars get spent, 200 bucks for a hand job is pretty steep I have to say. I live in Asia, and you would get far more than that for the same amount of cash over here, they love you long time for that kind of dollaroes. And the money would probably be spent supporting an entire family in chiang mai, so you are actually doing the world a favour.

  2. Racist jackasses… but other than that good story. It’s only immoral legislators that could make something as wonderful as that illegal. Just more reason to hate the state.

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