How Far Are We Gonna Push It?

Diarrhea Bukkake

In the very same day — today, actually — I just read about the Visconti Triplets and diarrhea bukkake.

The triplets are the very first gay brother trio to be put under contract, and if you’re one of the few who don’t know what a bukkake is, well…um….the genre came out of Japan, and it features cute little Japanese girls receiving anywhere from 50 – 500 loads of jizz all over their pretty faces. And from what I understand, the word literally means “sweet cream” in Japanese, although I cannot confirm this.

I’m not sure if the Japanese have ever really pulled off a 500 man bukkake scene, but I know they have no problem tossing a hundred load dumpers together in one room. I’m 100% confident they’re not having 100 Japanese butts squirting soft serve chocolate soft serve all over their pretty girls — that’s something reserved for the Germans.

Oh, The Germans! What a fun lovin’ tribe! Forget about them stirring up the pot for WWI and WWII! They’ve been a bunch of wild, violent, trouble-makin’ hooligans since their beginnings, when they were kicking all sorts of Roman ass. I think it’s their violent nature that makes them want to poop on Lessers…to this very day.

Don’t you love it when Cartman discovers his mom’s been in a German schizer movie?

And isn’t it enough to take a hot, steamy deuce on someone’s chest without subjecting them to a barrage of diarrhea bukkake?

What the fuck? What’s next?

How about gay triplets fucking man holes and sucking man poles…all on the same set? Don’t get me wrong: if I was forced to sit through one of these fine features — diarrhea bukkake or the triplets, I’d take the triplets any day. But No Way Am I Gay.

(Did I ever tell you guys I shot real-life twins giving a Manojob? The Love Twins, to be exact, and boy were they a Kooky Krew. The Love Twins finish each other’s sentences, and they go to the bathroom together (each and every time they’re together), and they do naughty things off camera as well as on set, and as long as they’re not doing naughty things to each other on set, it’s all perfectly legal).

Anyways…what do you think? Blasting Buttholes full of Doody — or Blasting Buttholes full of Triplet Dick?

I dunno what I should apologize for — the crappy pics of the Visconti triplets, or all this god damned doody talk…

Sorry for the bad pics. Soon, they’ll be stars, and then I’ll be able to Google better pics.

I just ate Chinese, and you know what time it is now…wonder what the male talent got paid for the Diarrhea Bukkake?

And don’t you really wonder what they paid that poor girl to do the Diarrhea Bukkake? How about the cameraman! Did he get to wear a mask throughout that scene?

I think I’m gonna call LA-based agents tomorrow. Each and every one I know. I’m gonna tell them I have a German client that wants to film American girls for Diarrhea Bukkake. Here’s how something like this might go:

“Hey Spieg! I’d like to book Roxy DeVille for a Diarrhea Bukkake.”

Long silence. Then, something like, “any black guys in it? Cause you know she doesn’t do IR.”

“No black guys Spieg,” I reply.

Long silence. Then, “What’s in their budget?”

I’m kidding, of course. I know Roxy. We grew up in the same neighborhood, albeit it 25 years apart. I’m fairly certain Roxy would never do that sort of thing. No girl that grew up in my neighborhood would do such a thing.

Adrianna Nicole, on the other hand…

Visconti Triplets

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