How’s a handjob turn into a Mano Job?

Mano Job

I was sitting around my office one day, dreaming up a new site. A site that would be all mine. Ooohhhh sure, I own sites – Spunkmouth and JOMG, for example – but I’m a co-owner. I own a third. 33.3%. I wanted something to be alllll mine.

I can get greedy like that; I want all the pie, damnit…not a silly 33.3% of the pie.

Since it would be all mine, that meant I’d be funding the whole deal (duh!); in addition, the first thing you think about when whipping up a site is content. What’s my new site gonna be all about? Gangbangs? Blowjobs? Butt fucking?

In this day and age, you really need to settle on a niche. You really don’t want to try and sell a surfer on a site that features gangbangs, blowjobs, and buttfucking, even though all those acts could take place in, for example, a gang bang site.

Am I making sense?

In the internet porno biz, we refer to them as “salad bar sites”; a webmaster is just throwing the potential customer all sorts of different content in hopes of selling them a membership. Join a salad bar site and you might get to see Jenna Jameson blow Randy West, then Peter North buttfuck Chloe, and top it off with a good old interracial gangbang just like the ones you see in the Trailer Trash Whores series.

These sorts of sites worked in 1998; they don’t really do too well now.

When picking your niche, the one big thing to consider is cost. (This is the same when you start-up any business, right? See…making dirty movies is a business just like being a plumber, or owning a body shop and working on cars.) Gangbangs are mighty expensive. Get a good looking girl from a big LA agency, and she’s $1500. You pay her agent $100, and you get 4 or 5 dudes, and you’re at $3000 – before you even think about a studio…and camerman, if you don’t know how to work a camera. Those two things can easily tack on another grand on to your production budget.

On the other hand, BJ’s are simple. And guess what? If you’ve got a steady hand, and you know cameras, and you don’t mind having your dick all over the internet, for $250 you can film yourself getting sucked off by some of today’s hottest starlets. (I use the word “some” because there are porn girls who no longer “do” bj scenes…cause, well, they’re Porn Stars damnit)

The problem with a POV BJ site? Since they’re so cheap and relatively easy to shoot, there’s lots of competition. It’s probably the number one thing a pervy dude breaking into my pervy business begins producing.

Buttfucking isn’t as expensive as a gangbang to shoot…but it ain’t cheap, either. And remember, not all female talent want to get their ass porked, so that gets kinda tricky, and besides, this is gonna be my site, and I can’t afford to book girls for butt sex.

I haven’t even really talked about the “micro-niche”, either. You thought pornographers didn’t know fancy marketing terms, huh? HA! Well, we do…and it’s not just enough anymore to have, say, a BJ site. Whittle it down even more! How about a swallow site? Or, a site where, say, a white dude gets blown by black girls? Or a black guy gets blown by white girls. Why start a buttfucking site when you can start a site where they gape while they’re getting fucked in the rear? (Oh…don’t know what a “gape” is? Click the link for gaping anal sex pictures.)

You learn something new everyday.

I better cut to the chase. I feel, suddenly, like I’m rambling.

I chose to start a handjob site, for a couple reasons. It’s cheap to shoot, and really, there’s not a lot of handjob sites out there that feature exclusive content.

Sidenote: dirty movies (ie “content”) come in two fashions: exclusive and non-exclusive. Exclusive means it’s just on your site and no others; non-exclusive means you bought it from a content provider that sells the same footage, over and over, to as many websites as possible. Guess which is more valuable.

Handjob sites with exclusive content aren’t really all over the place. Really, they’re not. Not compared to, say, the POV BJ sites. So I’m thinking handjob site, cause I found out while doing a bit of due dilligence that there’s a pack of crazy pervs out there who love to watch a girl give a good, old-fashioned handie.

Then, I added a small twist. My handjob site would feature girl-talk only, and filthy girl-only talk at that. No dude chatting up the girl “Hi! How are you? What’s your name? Are those real?” kind of shit…or making dumb jokes and/or grunting noises as he’s blowing his load.

I wanted the girls I shot to look directly into the camera and talk like a filthy tramp, just so you can imagine she’s talking to you while you’re the one getting the handie. Afterall, porn’s all about the fantasy, right?!

Now, a name. More tricky stuff. There’s some big do’s and don’ts when you’re buying a URL: stick with “.com” addresses, don’t put a “-” (really a hypen, but almost always incorrectly referred to as a “dash” by almost everyone) in your URL, make sure you have a domain people can actually spell, and remember, the general public has an average education level of 9th grade, so consider that when you’re talking about spelling.

So I’m thinking things like “Beathismeat” and “Jackhimoff” – both available at the time. Then, I consulted my bro, and after a bit of time he tossed out the winner: Manojob.

Mano. Both Latin and Spanish for “hand”…which, for me, is almost as good as, which, if offered on the open market, would be worth maybe 6 figures. Not too bad, huh?

I got for less than 20 bucks.

Now I’m kinda excited. So I start calling some of my porno pals around town and start shooting manojob scenes. My first couple shot were Dasha (now Lucious Lopez), Erin More (now Ruth Blackwell) and Serena Taylor.

Oh yea, I didn’t mention one thing. Left it out til now. I’m the dude holding the camera. Before you pervy-pervs get all pervy on me, there was only one reason, and one reason only, for POVing this: it’s cost effective! It has nothing to do with getting a handjob from some of the hottest porno girls working the game right now. Nothing at all. Really. I’m being very serious. Strictly a business decision. All buiness. No pleasure. None at all. Really. Serious. I derive almost no pleasure from receiving handies from hot porn whores. Really and truly.

Talent fees add up quickly you know, and think of all the money I’m saving that I can pour back into ManoJob!

Here’s where it gets kinda cool: I went to LA to work for The Producer. Shooting big scenes. And after we wrapped a big scene, I’d get girls that are very, very difficult to book for a handjob scene to give me a ManoJob! Again, this is all strictly business. It has nothing to do with pleasure. Absolutely nothing. But can I tell you again it’s not that easy to book Jasmine Tame or Julia Bond or Tiffany Taylor for a handjob…I just shot Sativa Rose, too. She’ll be up soon.

(I haven’t even told you about the cute blonde sisters from Russia who gave me a handie at the same time, but that’s pervy fodder for another blog.)

So I’ve got my site, and my exclusive content, and my web designer came up with a cool design (more money), and since I envisioned a handjob site where girls look you in the eye and talk dirty to you, I’ve aquired two business partners as well. So I guess I’m back to 33.3% of the pie, but that’s OK…I couldn’t have done it all myself.

Now all I need are members – the toughest part of the whole gig.

Mano Job

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