Top 5 JOMG scenes – #1: Leili Yang


You know how you just kinda groove on a girl and you can’t put your finger on exactly why it is? Am I making sense here? I think I need to make myself perfectly clear here on one thing, too: I am not one of those white guys who is obsessed with Asian poon.

Really, I’m not. And trust me, I know what that gig’s all about, cause I have a pal or two who are. That’s all they can ever think about. Asian pussy. That’s all they ever look at. Asian pussy. They get on a plane for very long periods of time and fly half-way around the world for just one thing. Asian pussy. They no longer date white girls. Asian pussy. They frequent places in their hometown where they know it’s bound to turn up. Asian pussy.

What’s up with that? I mean do all Asian women have velvety-soft vaginas?

So here’s the cool thing about Leili Yang. She ain’t a porn star. She tried, and her silly agent made her disappear fast. (There’s a lot of silly agents in this biz that are capable of that very thing – making girls quit the biz almost before they even start.)

Leili Yang was a senior in college when I shot her.

Leili Yang was studying a subject I couldn’t fucking figure out if someone gave me the next 100 years to do so.

Leili Yang loved lingerie from an (unnamed) corporate lingere store so much that she got herself into some serious credit card debt and needed a quick way out.

Need a quick way out of debt? I have a four letter answer for you, my friends: p-o-r-n.

When Leili Yang showed up at my door, all my troubles (up to that point in my day) mysteriously went away. Quickly. Cause almost immediatley I learned Leili Yang could carry a conversation, she was intelligent, and she was really a college coed in need of some quick cash.

And I knew about all those Asian poon addicts (herein now referred to as “APA’s”) who would sign up for any site Leili Yang was on.

To top it all off, that day Leili Yang took a giant load from Mr POV right in the pie hole and loved every minute of it.

Here’s some JOMG Leili Yang blowjob pictures from the set.

Here’s some JOMG Leili Yang movies from the same set.

Oh! Did I mention I loved working with her sooooo much I booked her the following week and shot a Leili Yang Sunkmouth scene?

And here’s where the story gets real fun. After her Spunkmouth gig, I shot her again. The producer from Blacks On Blondes ordered a scene without even looking at one pic of Leili. (Most of the time a producer wants to see a pic of the girl I’m booking for their site; I was so amped on Leili, he took my word for it.)

And what a scene! I’m gonna go ahead and break my arm patting myself on the back here. The scene ruled. I mean it was amazing. Boz The Animal, then a member of a crew calling themselves “The Black Pipe Layers”, really laid some black pipe into Leili Yang…about 13 inches of it, and Leili Yang liked it so much she cried as she came all over his black dong.

I shit you not. Tears streamed from her eyes. I actually stopped the camera to make sure she was OK. She looked up at me, nodded yes, and kept riding it.

Like a Rodeo Queen.

I packed the content up, sent it to my producer, and that’s the last anyone ever saw of it.

It’s lost.

Lost as in never to be found again.

And again, I shit you not.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 JOMG scenes – #1: Leili Yang”

  1. I saw that scene!(with Boz). One of the most amazing scenes I’ve ever watched(I’ve watched..a lot) I did a search on her name based on that scene, to see if I can find any more info
    on her.Thats how I found this. GREAT JOB on the shoot. I literally thanked Jesus that I got to see that. She’s special, I almost cried too!If you are serious about not having the scene, I’ll send it.Here’s the proof, at the end of the scene, she says “i’m fucked out!” and begs him to come, and then comes two more times.Thanks again. Any way to contact her, and how did her agent force her out of the biz? Did it have anything to do with her saying she’s done with white boys? I hope not. I’m black, I wish she wouldn’t have said that, but I hope it didnt kill her chances.

  2. The lost Scene hes talking about can easily be found on nudevista, xhamster or other tube searches by just searching for her name “Leili Koshi”.

    And not to spoiler anything but:
    He’s not promising to much, It’s one of the best scenes ever. Even those guys who dont like interracial have to admit that she’s banging and it’s genuine feelings she shows (if not, give her a damn oscar)

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