Top 5 JOMG scenes – #2: Spring Thomas


I haven’t really written a whole lot about Spring Thomas lately, and there’s a reason why. I haven’t even decided if I’m gonna get into it (or not) on a public blog, but I will talk up her Jizz On My Glasses scene, cause it rules.

I actually had to get clearance from her boss on this one. We had two Spring Thomas Spunkmouth scenes, then she went on to do two Spring Thomas Blacks On Blondes scenes…as well as a Spring Thomas Gloryhole scene.

By the time we got her for JOMG, she was on contract and Spring was alive and well.

So en route from Los Angeles to where she stays in Georgia (one of the few times we’ve been foolish enough to drive) I got out with our dude Mister POV and Spring, and we shot the scene.

The fun just doesn’t seem to stop: first, we’re in a public place – truckers were just off in the distance(!); second, she’s actually sucking white dick, which, if you know anything at all about Spring, you’d know she really doesn’t do that sort of thing; third, she took one about the size of a Peter North facial.

Our boy Mr. POV really delivered…maybe he should start his own site.

Anyway, If you don’t believe me, here’s some Spring Thomas facial pictures.

Here’s some Spring Thomas facial movies.

Spring was a total champ about the whole thing, too. We all know there’s a lot of cum dodgers out there, and I think Spring would be the first to admit she’s not crazy about a load in the kisser, but she took it on the chin…and the face…and the hair…and the dress…and just about everywhere else. Afterwards, we all had a good laugh as she cleaned up. It’s all in the scene – check it out if you ever get a chance. Really, it’s worth the price of admission.

Hmmm. I think I’ll pass on writing anything more about Spring right now. I just don’t think it’s a good time. But here’s a picture of her goofy self, cause you don’t find shit like this just anywhere, you know…


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