Super Fun E-Mails: “Weird Dick Pics and The Gloryhole”

Weird Dick Pic

BS writes:

I was reading and looking at your page and it got me thinking a lot of crazy and perverted stuff. Anyway I like most of the pictures you got posted on you page but sometimes the Hustler thing happens. The Hustler thing is where people go for porn to some disgusting stuff. On the recent post I am looking at Barbie Cummings then I scroll down and yikes there is a dick. Now in porn people see dicks all the time but something is wrong with that dick. Looks like it needs medical attention. I am wondering if that ugly dick has gotten more pussy than my dick. I wish sometimes that would post warnings. I get disturbed when the put different porn in the same location. Like the Two Girls One Cup thing that belongs in a completely different universe. There is porn and there is satatnic ass shit. I remember reading Hustler Magazine and it would go from hot chick to a guy getting his brains blown out. My rant is not really directed at you, I do want to know your input on this subject. I love porn, but I don’t want to see people mamed, eating shit, and fucking animals. They only thing attractive about animal porn is like what Keith said on the Keith and The Girl Show, they just look horny and in desperate need of dick. Maybe I did not quote Keith correctly but you get my drift. It’s like Jay said in Jay and Silent Bob strike back you got women blowing donkeys and some guys can’t even get laid. I liked watching some of Max Hardcore movies. I like staged rough sex, but the vomiting I couldn’t deal with. I would fuck all those women but I would not vomit on them or try to make them vomit. I like some bondage but it is not cool when it start looking like something from a Saw movie. Barbie before you fuck a dog please fuck me first. Or fly overseas and support the troops. Barbie Cummings Supports The Troops. They always have all these female stars, singers and cheerleaders visiting troops, how bout supporting them by fucking them. I know somebody would get pissed off but it is just one of those crazy thoughts I have in my head. Maybe someone can make my dream it to a real movie Seem like there is alot of Marines in the business anyway. What a successful transition to cilivian life. Other crazy thought I have is while I was watching Taboo 2 I thought it would be cool if the made a new movie with Deaxuma as the mom. The whole mom fucking thing didn’t turn me on it was the fact she was suducing dudes. I wish I could have played like a paper boy in that movie or a friend staying the night. I use to think the same thing watching Married With Children, what it would be like to bang Peg and Kelly while Al was at the shoe store.

When you talk about the gloryhole you talk about it like it a real place that I could go. I think it would be more comfortable knowing it is stage because at least you know who is on the other side of the wall. All the woman I have seen on the site I would have no problem with. I remember the movie Porkeys and wouldn’t want it to go down like that. So is the Gloryhole real?

Before I go, I have a few question I want to know from the women have you ever gave a guy head with Pop Rock in you mouth and can you describe it? I did it but I just want to know if I am the only one.


Hey BS —

Real quick, cause I have all sorts of smut to make today: yea, the gloryholes are real, and no, I don’t know what it feels likes to give a guy head with pop rocks in my mouth, cause I don’t give head to guys.

No Way Am I Gay!

Angel Eyes

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