Wife Writing

Leah Luv

They call it “wife writing“.

I call it wholly disturbing.

It originated in the old-school newsgroups. The Interracial Newsgroups…where Dogfart got his start. Hubbies were sharing their wives with The Black Man, but that wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough to see Wifey plowed by big, black cock.

Hubby wanted more.

Much more.

Why not make it permanent?

Why not tag her up?

White wives starving for black meat.

White brides with Black Bulls.

White wives taking their black cock vows.

White wives tagged up properly as Black Cock Sluts.

Young wives — wives in their mid-twenties — wives going on marriage two and three.

Leave it to the World’s Greatest Interracial website to exploit a whole new niche.

Young Bride Leah Luv sums it all up before she gets railed by 10 inches of black meat: she’s here to tell you much she loves black cock. She loves the fact black guys have more size, stamina, and knowledge when it comes to fucking.

Leah loves their “big juicy lips”. “It’s just more erotic seeing their dark skin against my light skin. It turns me on so much seeing their big black dicks going into my tight white pussy.”

An indoctrination to Black Dick.

And all I want you guys to do is remember one thing — just don’t shoot the messenger.


Leah Luv

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