Bree Olson — My Personal, Part-time Cleaning Lady

Bree Olson

When Bree Olson is a little short on pocket change, I have her swing by my place, and I put her to work. This time, for $10 an hour, I had her to a little kitchen clean up…you know, the dishes, counter tops, clean out my fridge. Often, while she’s doing the odd, little chores I have for her, she winds up nude.

All this is, of course, a big fat lie. Since signing her contract to Adam & Eve — and winning the AVN for Best New Starlet — Bree Olson doesn’t need any pocket change. In fact, I bet her pockets are much fatter than mine.

Bree’s awesome. One of the best in the biz. If she wants it, she could end up one of the best ever. I wish I could work with her again, but that’s OK. She’s a contract star, and she deserves it.

Did I mention the Bree Olson fan page?

Then what’s the point here? Well…I just scored a gig shooting for Donny’s Girls. I’m really excited about it, too, cause all the girls on Donny’s site are soft core girls. Well…most of them are soft core models only. Some do hardcore…like Bree. But the whole site is a softcore site, akin to Penthouse style poses.

But who’s Donny? And how did he score all these girls?

Donny is Donovan Phillips, and he recently found the Lord, so no more taking pictures of nekkid girls for Donny. That’s kinda how I scored the gig. I won’t go into how I feel about Donny’s decision; all I’ll say is I respect peoples’ convictions and faiths the best I can — including Donny’s decision to stop his evil ways and follow a more pure, righteous path.

There’s nothing wrong with taking dirty pictures and making dirty movies, and Hell’s the last place a person is going to end up for making smut or pleasing themselves to it.

No Way Jose.

Boy do I like this soft core gig! No more waiting on wood from the male talent; no more waiting on a pop shot from the male talent; no lube, baby wipes, or whining from the female talent cause there’s jizz in her eye and it burns.

And let’s face it — in the general scheme of things, the girls who don’t do hardcore are hotter than the girls who do it. Remember, that’s the general scheme of things. I’m not dissing the hardcore girls one bit, but let’s face it, the hotter you are, the less shit you gotta eat in this world.

Or, the less jizz you gotta eat.

Ain’t life grand?

Bree Olson

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