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Interview with a Porn Star (#81): Rebecca Blue

Rebecca Blue
I Shoot Porn: How long you been in now?

Rebecca Blue: About 2 1/2 years. Time files! Man…I’ve cried every birthday since I turned 18.

ISP: Why?

RB: When I was 18 I cried because I turned into an adult. It was official. When I turned 21, that was even worse…cause I didn’t have anything left to look forward to. I’m 24 now, and I cried when I turned 24 cause it’s just another year of getting older.

ISP: How hard you gonna cry at 25?

RB: I don’t think too bad. 30 might be tough. And 29..cause it’s right before 30.

ISP: I had a huge panic attack when I turned 30. Had to pull the car over and shit.

RB: I think I’ll be OK at forty.

ISP: I bet you’re gonna look great at forty. You’re really petite and blonde. That helps.

RB: Yea, I’m 5’1″ and I weigh about 100 pounds…on a good day.

ISP: I weighed 100 pounds in 3rd grade. I had a race with my best friend Mark. I won.

RB: The older I get, the more I lose. I lost all my baby fat when I was 16…or 17.

ISP: When did you lose your virginity?

RB: A month before my 13th birthday. The summer before I turned 13. I remember running home to my step-dad and telling him I was pregnant.

ISP: You slut!

RB: Yea, I was a slut. I did things like pull my mom’s pick-up truck on the street. We lived on a big street. We actually lived on Main Street. That’s what it was called! Anyways, I’d pull my mom’s truck onto the curb and wash it with my ass sticking right up in the air towards traffic and just wait for the honks to start. I’d wash the same spot in the windows for hours. Hours.

ISP: What were you wearing?

RB: Daisy Dukes and a little wife beater. I’d get the shirt wet on purpose, too.

ISP: No bra?!

RB: I wore a bra, but I had boobies. I got them in, like, 1st grade. My friend Megan was my friend and she said, “you got big boobies!” and I ran home and cried to my mom. We went out that night and bought a training bra.

ISP: What was the craziest thing you did then?

RB: I made my friend Kelly have a threesome with me and an older guy. We were 15 or 16 and the guy was 21. He was a waiter at Olive Garden. We’d go in there to eat just so he’d serve us. And he had a huge dick. I wanted to watch my friend get banged out by a huge dick. She was a virgin, too. I’m such a good best friend.

ISP: I’ve got a boner.

RB: (Laughs). He nutted in my mouth, and I remember spitting it out. But it was dark, so I don’t think he noticed I spit.

ISP: Oh, he noticed.

RB: I always wanted to do a bunch of guys back then, but I was sacred. I did do girls. I was the dirty one. My best friend would sleep over, and I would make her take off her panties and wear boxers. Then, we’d play a video game, or do arts and crafts, and we’d sit Indian Style just so I’d get a beaver shot. Or, even better…I think I was 9 and I’d go over to the next-door neighbor’s. They had a son who was 11, and I’d let him lick my boobies.

ISP: That’s great. What’s your damage?

RB: I don’t think I was damaged. My mom’s boyfriend would make passes at me when I was, 11 to 16. He’d like smack my butt or tell me I look sexy, but I was never molested or raped or forced to do stuff. My family was very open sexually. My aunt has Sugar Daddies galore. My mom always cheats on her husbands. My mom let me have boys sleep over right after I lost my virginity!

ISP: And shit would go down, huh?

RB: Yea! And I never had to hide it. It was open-open at my house. I was doing all of it, too. I was an Anal Queen from like 14 on. The boy that I lost it to would always want it up my butt, and I would say no. And then like one day it just kinda clicked. I’ve always been into dating older guys, and the second guy I dated was, like, 5 or 6 years older than me. I was 14…so he was 18 to 20. He just told me to relax, and it’s just been history ever since.

ISP: And that worked? No chloroform or roofies?

RB: No! But he was the one that got me drunk for the first time.

ISP: You took facials back then, too…huh?

RB: No! Actually not. Facials offended me back then. I always thought they were degrading!

ISP: What’s your take on facials now?

RB: I’d love to take a cum bath right now. That’s my fantasy. It would be to have 10 guys cum on me. For example, I’m in a public place…like a night club. I’m by myself. I want one guy to turn me on…pull my hair. Spank me. Talk shit to me. Undress me. Just woo me in a dirty way. Then the guys in the bar start getting off by watching. They start beating off and then I just want them to cum on me. Everywhere. Face, ass, tits, hair…everywhere.

ISP: I have a boner. Would you blow a horse for $5,000 cash?

RB: No.

ISP: 10K?

RB: No.

ISP: What’s the break point? No one would know, by the way. No camera.

RB: It would have to be a ridiculous amount. A million. For real.

ISP: Who much to blow me?

RB: Free!

ISP: Oh my. OK — before your Manojob, come to the bathroom. I have to show you something…oh wait. You got a Twitter or a Facebook? I used to ask about mySpace, but I think that’s over.

RB: I have a mySpace, but I never go on it.

ISP: No one does. mySpace is over. Obsolescence in a bitch. I know all about that, too, cause internet porn is heading in the same direction.

Rebecca Blue

Interview with a Porn Star (#80): Mae Meyers

Mae Meyers
I Shoot Porn: So — you’re brand spankin’ new to this game?

Mae Meyers: Yes sir! Right now I love it…cause everyone loves me, cause I’m new! I’ve only done seven scenes. So far they’ve all been good. Everything’s been kinda what I expected.

ISP: What did you expect?

MM: I expected it to be kinda hard. It’s hard for me to shut off my emotions for my boyfriend. I’ve also run into some mean people. I’ll never shoot for ATK again — ever. The photographer asked me to bang him off camera, and I said no. So the second day he books me for a POV, and I’m really tight…so instead of sliding it in really easy, he jammed it in and tore me cause he was mad about not giving it up for free. I was so pissed. Then he paid me more after he tore me and told me not to tell my agent. I was so pissed.

ISP: That’s pretty typical porno sleaze. How old are you?

MM: I’m turning 19 tomorrow! I really don’t wanna turn 19. I like to walk on set and say “I’m only 18!” I can’t do the little girl look anymore.

ISP: Oh sure you can! You’re a little girl! You’re still a teen.

MM: I am. I’m almost 5’1″ and I weigh a little less than 100 pounds. Like 97.

ISP: How did you come to porno?

MM: Through a friend, who was in the biz already. She was doing nude stills for a photographer in Lake Elsinore. She referred me to The Photographer, and then The Photographer referred us both to The Porno Agent.

ISP: That’s usually how it works. I shot her for Manojob.

MM: Funny! Small world. I didn’t even know she was still doing it. We don’t talk anymore. Drama.

ISP: Please elaborate.

MM: My boyfriend didn’t like her because she was a bad influence.

ISP: Please elaborate.

MM: She was smoking weed and keeping me out late and taking me to parties with the wrong people.

ISP: Please elaborate.

MM: Well, she has a boyfriend and his group does a lot of drugs and stuff. My boyfriend didn’t want me around that environment.

ISP: How does your boyfriend like the porno environs? He knows you’re doing this, right? And that you’re doing this full-on…you’re not lying to him and saying you’re only doing girl/girl?

MM: He knows exactly what I’m doing, and he feels just OK about it. I think the one thing he’s scared about is I’m gonna leave him for someone in the industry. The only issue we really run into is sometimes I get home and he’s horny and I’m just too tired to fuck. My vagina doesn’t want to. Sometimes I’ll be nice and lube it up really good and let him do his thing til he cums. Then I go to bed.

ISP: What’s your favorite fast food?

MM: Taco Bell. The #9…the Crunch Wrap, a hard-shell taco, and a Mountain Dew. I actually had that last night! I usually eat that on the ride home from LA to Temecula.

ISP: What’s your damage?

MM: I hate my real dad, and I hate my step-dad. My real dad is an alcoholic and a druggie. My step-dad is an ass. I never really connected with him. I met him when I was 12. He didn’t molest me or anything…he was super strict and wouldn’t let me do anything. He wasn’t really an alcoholic, but he was definitely a drinker.

ISP: Do you like older men?

MM: Yes. Well, no…only one. My dude.

ISP: So I don’t have a chance?

MM: I’m gonna marry my boyfriend one day when I leave this industry.

ISP: Can I just get a quickie in the bathroom?

MM: No.

ISP: How ’bout a squeeze on those 34 B’s?

MM: Ah….yea! Just no biting!

Mae Meyers

Interview with a Porn Star (#79) — Lizzie Tucker

Lizzie Tucker interview with a porn star
I Shoot Porn: What were you up to at the beginning of the summer?

Lizzie Tucker: I was graduating high school. I’m from Dallas, Texas.

ISP: I lived in Dallas for a while. Weird, weird town. I used to go to this weird flea market under I-35 that started at, like, 3 am. Right under the highway. Once this dude tried to sell me a handgun that was “untraceable, in case you ever needed to off somebody”. His words. I think it’s the only city in America a President could get whacked…and the killer could get away.

LT: Yea, it’s my home town. I like it.

ISP: How did you make your way into the adult biz?

LT: I came out with AJ Estrada. We’ve been room mates for two years. One night we were watching “Zack and Miri Make a Porno”, and we decided we were ready for our next adventure in life: porn. We went online and found our agent, but there was one problem. I was only 17. I had to wait another month to pursue my dream of becoming a porn star.

ISP: I was waiting for the first “Zack and Miri” girl!! Is that what you want? Porn Stardom?

LT: I don’t know to be honest. I just want to see how it goes, and so far it’s going pretty good.

ISP: Was there anyone famous you’d like to bang when you hit porno stardom? Like Jay or Seth Rogen?

LT: I wanna bang Owen Wilson. I’d bang Matthew McConaughey, too.

ISP: Any crazy sexual encounters you’d be willing to share before you jumped into adult?

LT: When I was 16 I fucked two dudes who were brothers. New Year’s Eve. They were my boyfriend’s best friends. My boyfriend was upstairs at the party, and I was having a different kind of party downstairs with his best pals. Happy New Years!

ISP: What’s your favorite fast food?

LT: I don’t eat fast food. Shit’s nasty.

ISP: Does dick size matter?

LT: Umm….yes. For me, it has to be at least…I like ’em big. If it’s any smaller than 8 inches, I won’t enjoy it.

ISP: Shit. That means we’re doomed. You’ll never like having sex with me.

LT: (Lizzie laughs. I didn’t).

ISP: How many scenes you got under your belt?

LT: About 25.

ISP: Any one scene you particularly didn’t like?

LT: I did a party scene one time, um, and my male talent was kinda cute. I stick my hands down to jack him off and get the scene going, and my first reaction was “Where is it?” It was seriously this big (she holds up her pinkie). I’m gonna feel so bad if the dude reads this interview. He’s gonna think I’m a bitch.

ISP: How often do you meet strangers off the internet and bang them?

LT: I may be porn star, but I’m not a slut.

ISP: How do you feel about being referred to as a whore?

LT: I would say haters can hate, but I know what I am.

ISP: Whores should be everyone’s favorite thing. Any hobbies?

LT: I play volleyball. I did in high school, and now I just play sand volleyball on the beach. I want to play in college…when I get there.

ISP: Why aren’t you in college now?

LT: I’m focusing on my porn career and saving money. I want to pay for college with my porn money…hopefully I’ll study photography and history.

ISP: That’s a great idea. I hope you actually follow through and do it.

Lizzie Tucker interview with a porn star

Interview with a Porn Star (#78) — Lynn Love

Lynn Love interview with a porn star
I Shoot Porn: Where’d ya get all that booty?

Lynn Love: It came from my mom’s side of the family. My mom’s got a big ol’ ass!

ISP: Does she know you’re in the biz?

LL: No. She would die. She’s very conservative, very “sex is bad”. She’s just the opposite of me. My mom would literally die.

ISP: What does she think you’re doing in LA?

LL: Visiting friends. I come to LA for a week or two and then leave. She really doesn’t ask.

ISP: Your friends know?

LL: Yes, cause they saw one of my scenes. A scene from 8th Street Latinas. I’ll never forget. I’m sitting in class and this guy walks in and says, “tight work on that new video, Lynn Love!” My heart just about dropped. I asked him, “what are you talking about?” He told me not to act stupid. All the perverted guys in class heard him, and they pulled out their cell phones and searched Lynn Love. They all knew saw it. All the girls in class were like, “ewwww!” They didn’t like it. The guys did, though.

ISP: What are you studying?

LL: I’m undecided. I have no idea what I want to study. Mayne Interior Design.

ISP: Why do you think Twitter is so popular?

LL: I dunno. Cause people are nosy and want to get in everyone’s business.

ISP: Gotta dude?

LL: Not now, but if the right guy came along…

ISP: Gotta girl?

LL: Yes, and she’s my best friend. We do everything together. We go to the movies together, eat together, we take showers and baths together…we shave each others legs.

ISP: Do you shave each others pussies?

LL: I don’t trust her to shave my pussy. She’d probably cut me. She’s clumsy. She’d probably think that would be funny.

ISP: You mentioned you’re in ass training.

LL: Yes. I want to start doing anal — maybe next week. So, I walk around the house with a butt plug. I’ll even go to the supermarket with my butt plug in. I fuck myself with dildoes.

ISP: Are you aware you’ve got a butt plug jammed up your ass while you’re, say…in the frozen foods section?

LL: I completely forget it’s there.

ISP: Which means you’re probably ready for A.

LL: If it was bigger. I need a bigger plug. Mine right now is about this big (she holds up two fingers) — but I need one about this big (holds up four fingers).

ISP: I can invade your colon with my dick.

LL: (Ignoring me) I want to be abe to fist my own ass. That’s all I want for Christmas.

ISP: Who do you hang out with?

LL: My best friend I was telling you about earlier — Vanessa Lee. She’s got a big booty, too. We have this rule — let’s say we go out to a club…if either of us picks up a guy, and we take them back home, he has to fuck both of us. Not just one of us. If he doesn’t want to, too bad. Fuck that. He’s out.

ISP: And you’ve actually had to kick someone out of your house for that?

LL: Oh yea. I chose this guy, and brought him home, and we were just about to start fucking when I told him: “You have to fuck my best friend, too.” He said, “What do you mean?” And I told you have to fuck me and Vanessa. He said he was only into me, and he thought it was weird…and he said no. I called him a faggot and told him to leave.

ISP: That makes perfect sense. He’s obviously gay.

LL: (laughs) And listen to this! If one of us isn’t in the mood, we still have to watch each other fuck. There’s no privacy in our house. One time, she was having sex with this guy and I had passed out from too many Jägers. So she’s banging my head while she’s riding the guy so I’ll wake up and watch. She was slapping my ass and pulling my hair yelling, “Watch! Watch! Look what I’m doing!” I’m pretty sure the guy though we were crazy. Guys normally think we’re too much.

ISP: Can I fly out to Miami and make that decision myself?

LL: Yea…we’d definitely fuck you! We can call it charity work. (She laughed — I didn’t).

Lynn Love interview with a porn star

Interview with a Porn Star (#77) — Lilly LaBeau

Lilly LeBeau interview with a porn star
I Shoot Porn: So you got your first hate mail this morning?

Lilly LaBeau: Yep, and the tag line was so strong. You know how you can see the first sentence of your e-mails on mySpace? This one said, “Wow! So you’re fucking niggers now?”

ISP: He’s pissed you’ve added IR to your dance card.

LL: Yea. Let me show you. (We log into her mySpace and it reads: “So you fucking NIGGERS now I wanted to hire you but not now that you are fucking NIGGERS!”) I wanted to yell back at him and cuss him out, but I chose not to because it’s a waste of time and effort. Negative energy is just…eh. I don’t wanna feel like that.

ISP: All that stems from insecurity. I agree, too…let’s not waste our time on that. You just got back from an audition?

LL: Yep. From New Sensations. I have no idea what I was auditioning for…I just read some lines and was supposed to be an emotionally distraught, horny and angry.

ISP: Like most of the porn girls actually working today. Anyways, you bought your sister to set with you?

LL: Yes I did. I just though it would be fun. I wanted to show her what goes on behind the camera. She got to see me audition, and now she gets to watch me do a scene!

ISP: How do you feel about your sister Lilly making dirty movies?

Olivia LeBeau: It was just a little shocking finding out that my little sister was having sex with multiple people, but then I thought back to when she was a little girl, running around the house naked, shaking her boobs and her butt. All the time. My mom and I said, “one day you’re gonna be a porn star!” and boom, it came true.

LL: Getting into porn was always in the back of my head, cause they were already talking about it when I was 8.

ISP: What went through your head when you signed your first model release?

LL: I was traveling to Miami, and I was really excited…but really, really scared, too. I was concerned about being sold on the black market.

ISP: Excuse me?

LL: I’m on the internet looking for modeling agencies in LA, and I found a dude and sent him my pictures. He got me the Miami gig. It was for But I had no idea it was legit, and all I could think of was Chris Hansen and Dateline and black market shit and kidnapping and human trafficking. I didn’t want to be sold into sex slavery. I was worried that might happen to me on my way to Miami. Looking back on it, traveling all that way to do my first shoot was a really bad decision. I didn’t have any money to get back home if I needed to run.

ISP: But everything worked out in the end…see? We’re not all evil people.

LL: It all worked out great! I love my job, and I hope I can do it for a while.

Gia Paloma, make-up artist: If you were stuck on an airplane that couldn’t take off…say it was stuck on the tarmac for, like, 8 hours. What three items would you have with you?

LL: A book, my iPod, and my Blackberry. That’s all I need.

ISP: What book?

LL: Right now I’m reading Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich.

ISP: What’s on your iPod?

LL: My music is, like, three years outdated…I have everything from Shinedown to Seether to The Bloody Beatroots.

Gia Paloma, make-up artist: That would be a great name for a vagina…Bloody Beatroot.

ISP: What’s your favorite app on your Blackberry?

LL: My GPS. I’m directionally challenged. I can’t find a thing without it. Hey, I gotta go pee! (Lilly leaves to use the bathroom).

ISP: Hey Olivia…tell me a story about your sister that she’d be really embarrassed about.

OL: She ate slugs when she was a little kid.

ISP: Huh?

OL: When me and my sister were kids growing up in Washington, my dad was videotaping us just being kids. My dad wasn’t watching Lilly, but she had put a slug in her mouth. Do you guys have slugs down here?

ISP: Nope. But I know what a slug is.

OL: Anyways, she puts a slug in her mouth and my dad starts videotaping her, and that’s when he noticed there was something in her mouth. He asked her, “hey Lilly, what’s in your mouth?” and Lilly spit the slug out right into his hand. (Lilly’s back from peeing).

ISP: You ate slugs when you were a kid?

LL: Hey, I ate slugs when I was a kid…what can I say?

OL: She also went through a Goth stage. She had short, pixie-cut black hair. She never went out in the sun. Her bangs were swept over her forehead like Justin Beiber.

ISP: Did you have a Goth name?

LL: No. I didn’t. Honest.

ISP: Would you eat a slug now?

LL: Ew. No.

ISP: Would you do a 50-man bukakke?

LL: Yes, as long as I don’t have to swallow all of them.

ISP: What can’t I book you for?

LL: Anal and DP’s. Cream pies.

OL: What’s a cream pie?

ISP: When the dude busts in the girl’s vagina and it oozes out.

OL: What’s so interesting about that? You can’t see anything.

ISP: Good question. Hey Lilly, do you do anal in your real life?

LL: I play around with my butt with toys and stuff. But I’ve never had a dick up my butt — on camera or off.

ISP: Would you take $10,000 cash right now if I could invade your colon?

LL: Yes! Of course! Yes yes yes!

ISP: You’re on your way to becoming a true Spiegler Girl! Soon, you’ll be doing it for rate.Lilly LeBeau interview with a porn star

Interview with a Porn Star (#75) — Amy Brooke

Amy Brooke interview
I Shoot Porn: So, out of about 500 (give or take) scenes over at Blacks on Blondes, you’re rated #1 by the members. Aren’t you special?

Amy Brooke: I feel special. I remember the scene, you know what I mean? I was excited cause I got to work with Shane Diesel, cause I never had before. It was a challenge for me. Maybe not. I mean I wasn’t sure. I hadn’t done that much IR, but I like the fact that Shane and Rico Strong are on my level as far as freakishness goes. And the whole scene felt good…not that it felt good sexually, but that we were putting on a great show. I didn’t really have to “think” — it just happened. I hate having to carry a scene by myself. I also like being surprised when I’m working, and Shane surprised me for sure. I wasn’t choreographed.

ISP: Hey! I spelled “choreographed” correctly — the first time!

AB: Nice!

ISP: So you’re talking about Shane Diesel’s enormous “pre-cum” cum shot?

AB: Yea, it definitely surprised me, which turns me on even more. How about when I squirted in his mouth, and then he spit it back in mine?

ISP: That was hot. Have you been a freak your whole life?

AB: I was always down to do everything, and very open sexually, but I never started doing freaky stuff til I was, like….16.

ISP: Tell me a freaky story from your teen years.

AB: When I just starting having sex one of my boyfriends loved watching me fuck his friends. He’d bring like 3 friends over, so with him included that would be 4. His three friends would fill me up with cum, and he’d take sloppy fourths. Crazy, huh? Isn’t that weird?

ISP: Actually, no. There’s whole sites built around that fetish. But it is weird that he was a teen into that sort of depraved, perverted shit.

AB: You know what’s funny, these gang bangs didn’t go down at a house, or a “normal” settings. We’d sneak out at like 2 am and go to a park and they’d pull a train on me in the baseball bleachers. Isn’t that weird? It’s a true story! Is that considered freaky?

ISP: That’s a freak show.

AB: I think I’ve taken more dudes’ virginity that any other girl I know.

ISP: Do you have any idea how many dudes you’ve banged off camera?

AB: More than 100 for sure. But I don’t know at all. I used to keep a list. When I was 16, my list was up to about 90.

Gia Paloma, Make-up artist: Did you have your list sectioned off, like a BJ section and a sex section…or if they went down on you?

AB: I didn’t have a “Down On You” part, but I had a BJ section. I don’t like getting eaten out. I rather get fingered.

ISP: If I wandered into your apartment and looked into your fridge right now, what would I find?

AB: Jenny Craig. Hummus and pita bread. And lots of energy drinks.

ISP: So how crazy is it that we went to the same high school…and the same middle school? I am class of ’82, and you’re class of 2005!

AB: I wasn’t even born in ’82! That’s just insane, though! Our high school is deranged! Did you know that? We weren’t even allowed to ride in the same bus with the football players cause we’d blow them, so they made the cheerleaders take a separate bus to games! Oh yea, and I fucked a dude in the ass who went to our school, too! For Joe over at AMA! We’re just freaks! Don’t you think??

ISP: Super freaks! You were a cheerleader?

AB: Cheer just freshman year, then I did Pom my last three years. I like dancing better than doing stunts. Plus, I am afraid of heights, and in cheer they always wanted me to go to the top of pyramid cause I’m so tiny.

ISP: Do you hang out with anyone in the biz?

AB: I do! Sindee Jennings, Sadie West, and McKenzee Miles. Sindee’s my best friend. Ashli Orion, too. And Claire Dames. Those are like my main chicks.

ISP: Talk about a Freak Squad! I mean that only as the highest compliment, too.

AB: That’s good. I like my dirty girls.

ISP: Does dick size really matter?

AB: Um…(thinking)….it depends. I’ve had really big dicks that also happened to be the worst sex in my life.

ISP: What’s on your iPod?

AB: Um…a lot of Bon Jovi.

ISP: SHUT UP. That’s borderline criminal behavior.

AB: Oh yea. And my ring tone is Bon Jovi.

ISP: What Bon Jovi song is your ring tone?

AB: It’s a classic! (She grabs her phone and plays it for me — “It’s My Life”). I also have a lot of country…Allan Jackson, Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, Willie Nelson. Um…I have my workout songs, MIA, Brittney Spears, Lady Gaga, Madonna. Then, like…I have everything.

Gia Paloma, Make-up artist: What’s your guilty pleasure? Like, when you’re in your car and you’re listening to something that’s kinda embarrassing to be listening to? Mine’s Lady Gaga or Jay-Z’s “New York New York”…I dunno what that song is even called.

AB: Justin Bieber. He’s so hot. I totally want to bang him. Is that against the law?

ISP: Isn’t he like 12 or something? So, yea…it’s against the law. Anyways, who do you love to work for?

AB: Evil Angel. And you, of course. And Immoral Productions, which is always a fun day. I love working for Porno Dan.

ISP: What can’t I book you for?

AB: Nothing. There’s nothing I won’t do.

ISP: If Beastie Porn was legal, could I book you to bang a Doberman?

AB: Definitely.

ISP: 50 man bukakke?

AB: Well, I’ve done 20, but yea…50 would work. They tried to book me for a 50 man anal cream pie, but my agent said no. Oh! I won’t do a vag cream pie.

ISP: Why won’t let a dude blast in your cunt?

AB: I’m not on birth control, which I know is crazy. But you know what? The only time I’ve ever been pregnant is when I’m on birth control. Plus I’m a crazy bitch on birth control. I don’t even know who I am on that shit.

ISP: Describe your worst day on a set.

AB: Features. I’m a gonzo chick. I mean sometimes features are fun. I hate showing up on a feature set and I don’t know it’s a feature set. I also hate showing up at 8 am and sitting around until 6 pm when I start work. If I’m booked for a feature, I wanna know ahead of time. And the diva girls drive me crazy. I just can’t do it. Well, I can do it, but it’s not easy. I mean really — who do you think you are? Maybe that’s rude, but whatever.

ISP: Gotta boyfriend right now?

AB: I don’t date. I barely have time for myself, let alone another human being. Plus, I get bored easily…and I don’t like to be controlled. Maybe I haven’t met the right person. I have seven fuck buddies that I rotate though.

ISP: Any way I can get in that rotation?

AB: Of course. You just gotta call me more.

Amy Brooke interview

Interview with a Porn Star (#74) — Tweety Valentine

I Shoot Porn: So where did your name come from?

Tweety Valentine: My boyfriend gave it to me. I was really blonde at the time, and I’m petite, and our first date was on Valentine’s Day. He gave me this necklace! (It’s Tweety Bird).

Melissa The Make-up Artist: So your boyfriend named you in order to go get banged out in porn?

TV: We have a very open relationship. It’s very unique.

Melissa The Make-up Artist: Did you guys talk about making porn while you’re banging?

TV: It was all about him doing porn at first. Then, I got a message off mySpace from my future agent. I thought it was just nude modeling at first, and she wanted to meet me. I went to her office, we talked about it, and I went to work! My first scene was a B/B/G for Don’t Tell Daddy #9.

ISP: How petite are you?

TV: I’m 4’11”. I weigh 100.

ISP: Do you Tweet, Tweety?

TV: I’m new to Twitter. Really new.

ISP: What can’t I book you for?

TV: I don’t do anal, and I don’t swallow.

Melissa The Make-up Artist: What if you really liked your make-up that day? Would you swallow to save it?

TV: No. I don’t swallow cause I gag so easily. I’m anti-cum! So don’t ask how I’m in porn.

ISP: I gotta tell ya, Tweety…the Money Shots rules all in this biz. A porn girl who doesn’t like cum is kinda like a race car driver who doesn’t like to drive fast.

TV: I’m still new. I’m getting used to it.

ISP: So I can’t book you for a 50 man bukakke?

TV: No! But I have a big ass! You can book me for something with my ass.

ISP: But you don’t do anal.

TV: Just take a picture of my ass. Some people have an ass fetish…and not just putting something in it.

Melissa The Make-up Artist: Do you let your boyfriend put it in your ass?

TV: No!

Melissa The Make-up Artist: You don’t want to make him happy?

TV: The pussy should be enough.

ISP: Did you have a crazy sex life before you got into the business…like did you ever do a threesome or a gangbang?

TV: I’ve done threesomes.

ISP: B/B/G threesomes, or B/G/G threesomes?

TV: The first was with two girls and a boy. I was drunk. I was 17, and I was with my best friend. We were just hanging out a guy friend’s house. He was a black guy, and she was black. We kinda started making out, and then he started making out with the girl, and the next thing you know clothes are off. I started blowing him, then we started banging. He took turns fucking me and her. But there was drama. He kept banging me, and she got jealous. Pretty soon him and me were going at it, and she just just kinda there. Next thing you know she’s crying and pulling him off me. I just ended up trying to talk to her, and he ended up passing out.

ISP: What’s in your fridge right now?

TV: Beer, oranges, weed, yogurt, water…I think that’s it.

ISP: If a penis could ejaculate anything other than semen, what do you want for your money shot?

TV: Chocolate. I’m a chocolate freak.

ISP: You like your men black, don’t you?

TV: Yes.

Melissa The Make-up Artist: What is it about black men you like?

TV: For one thing they have big dicks.

Melissa The Make-up Artist: So you’re a size queen!

TV: Yea. And I like the way they carry themselves. The swag they have.

ISP: Do you parents know about your new occupation?

TV: Yea — my mom does.

ISP: What was mom’s reaction?

TV: Well, I kinda slowly told her. Like, I told her I was doing a nude shoot, but she didn’t know it was straight up porn. And she wanted to see pictures of that shoot, so I just told her. When I did, she just said she wants me to be professional about it. She just doesn’t want me to be on drugs or booze.

ISP: Does she have any sort of game plan mapped out for the year?

TV: I want to make a name for myself.

Melissa The Make-up Artist: Do you think you’re going to have to start liking cum in order for that to happen?

TV: Yes. As I do more scenes, I’ll get used to it. I’m just starting to get into the flow of things.

ISP: How about I drop a load down your throat to get that flow started?

TV: Call me in three months.

Interview with a Porn Star (#73) — Raylene

I Shoot Porn: Why did you get you back in the porno game?

Raylene: It was time. Plus, the real estate business slowed way down, and I wanted to supplement my income…and spice up my sex life all at the same time!

ISP: Did any of your real estate clients know about your porn star status?

R: Some of them…not all. I mixed my former porn life in real estate by taking the people I worked with on set and helping them buy a home.

ISP: What did you want to be when you were 10 years old?

R: I wanted to be an actress.

ISP: I’m sure you’ve been asked this before, but how did you get into the business?

R: I met some adult stars when I was young. I was at Lake Havasu City partying and I met Shane…the original Shane from Shane’s World. We stayed friends, and when I decided to do my very first video it was for them. It was Shane’s World #4. This was my very first B/G scene, and it was in 1997. I think it was with Marc Davis.

ISP: How has the porn business changed since ’97?

R: It’s all digital. It’s all computer-oriented. Almost exclusively online. The production end of it has kinda stayed the same, but, to me, the order things are shot in has changed. The work order has changed. I mean the way stills are shot, and hardcore sex, and the soft core sex.

ISP: Do you like anal?

R: I like it, but I don’t do it a lot on camera.

ISP: If you could have sex with any historical figure, dead or alive, who would it be?

R: Jack Nicholson. Is he an historical figure? No…wait! President Clinton! He’s the hottest President of all. I mean Obama’s good looking, but I don’t do interracial.

ISP: Ever taken any heat for not doing IR?

R: I have done it, and I have nothing against it. As a matter of fact, I’ve dated plenty pf black men in my private life. I’m just approaching the business this time on a slow roll.

ISP: Is it true what they say about black men?

R: Um…it might be. I guess so. I’ve seen well-hung white guys, too. Everyone’s built different. It really doesn’t matter what color you are.

ISP: How do you think you managed to still be well known 14 years after making your first movie?

R: I have no idea…but damn, am I thankful!

ISP: What was the atmosphere like at Vivid when you were there?

R: It was pretty laid-back. I enjoyed myself.

IRP: What did you want to be when you were 20 years old?

R: A porn star.

IRP: Whats the craziest thing ever to happen on your set? Feel free to name names.

R: I can’t really think of anything crazy that’s happened to me on set.

ISP: Oh, come on…

R: No, really. A set is just a set is just a set.

ISP: Do you like chocolate chips in your pancakes?

R: Sometimes!

ISP: Have you ever had any weird encounters with a fan?

R: Not on a regular basis. But I did have a guy that came to see me in a club. He got kinda crazy. He just wanted to be very physical with me. He was trying to grab me everywhere. This was in Texas. You know…I’ve never had a good experience in Texas. Ever. Anyway, my ex-husband told the guy to leave, so the guy went out to get his gun. They carry guns in Texas! The cops ended up arresting the guy. I guess that’s a crazy story — that didn’t happen on a set.

ISP: What do you think about Twitter?

R: I love it! I like to spy on people…and I follow the funniest people! I follow this dude called The Sulk. He’s the funniest motherfucker there is. He’s very entertaining and I love it!

ISP: What is the biggest misconception about girls who do porn?

R: All we do is eat, sleep, and fuck.

ISP: Have you been felt like you’ve been relegated to dating fellow sex workers?

R: I’m married to a regular guy with a regular job. I roped him into doing a few scenes, though.

ISP: He doesn’t freak out at all when you’re on set?

R: We’re all human. We have our ups and downs. But for the most part it’s a job. I work, go get the kid from school, clean house and make dinner. On my days off I cook all day.

ISP: What do you cook?

R: Yesterday started with Vegetable Tortilla Soup. It’s one of my favorite soups to make.

ISP: What do you want to be doing when you’re 40?

R: I don’t want to be having sex for a living. I’d like to own a company of some sort…whether it’s adult or not is fine by me.

ISP: OK — lemme just grab a pic or two and we’re done.

R: But my eye is red from the Manojob I just gave! They’re swimming in my eye!!

Interview with a Porn Star (#72) — Andy San Dimas

I Shoot Porn: Please explain the origin of your name.

Andy San Dimas: I made it up in high school. I wanted to do porn before I ever had sex. So I’d think of stupid porn names while I was not working in class. I’d write them down in my notebook instead of taking notes. San Dimas was the town where Bill and Ted lived.

ISP: In their Excellent Adventure!

ASD: Exactly! And Andy is the name of the little boy — Andy Barclay — from Child’s Play.

ISP: What did you want to be when you were 10 years old?

ASD: I wanted to be a ventriloquist. I’m not even lying. For career day I brought my dummy with me, and I”d did a report on Jim Henson — even though he wasn’t a ventriloquist.

ISP: What was your dummy’s name?

ASD: It was a replica of Howdy Doody, so it was just Howdy Doody. I didn’t have a dummy of my own, which was unfortunate.

ISP: Were you popular in high school?

ASD: With girls — no.

ISP: What were your early sexual escapades like?

ASD: I was an exhibitionist from a young age. I wasn’t really slutty, but I liked having sex in front of people, or in a room were everyone was having sex. We’d have slumber parties when we were like, 15, and there’d be like 4 of my girlfriends, and we’d all have our boyfriends over and fuck in the same room.

ISP: Lights on or off?

ASD: Well, off mostly, but we’d always play music and the light from the stereo system made it so you could see.

ISP: Who’s boyfriend had the biggest dick?

ASD: Not mine.

ISP: Name a couple of things a man can do to you now that you enjoy almost all the time.

ASD: Hmmm. This is hard because I like just about everything. Except getting fucked in the ass. My boyfriend won’t slap me in the face, even though I ask him to.

ISP: Is the sex in your movies typical of the sex you like to have in your private life?

ASD: No. The sex I have in my private life is intense and hard and really good, but I only fuck my boyfriend in my private life. In my private life, love is involved.

ISP: What is your worst porno experience?

ASD: There’s so many bad ones. There’s a lot of good ones, too, but yea…probably this guy who had blood-oozing sores on his lips, and he kept asking to lick my pussy, and he just kept asking…over and over. It got to the point where I had to get the director to tell him no kissing and no oral sex. After it was all said and done, I was OK with everyone…but still. Oh, I had my suitcase stolen once. That sucked.

ISP: If not an adult actress, what else would you do for work?

ASD: I’d love to make dolls. I’d be living somewhere random, like Toronto. I’ve always wanted to live in Canada. I know I’d being doing something weird — whatever it is — like working in a video store. I’ve worked in lots of those.

ISP: Would you perform if it paid half of what it does now?:

ASD: Yes. But I probably shouldn’t say that. I’d still rather be doing porn than anything else.

ISP: You just kinda mentioned this earlier, but let’s get specific: in front of the camera or in private (or both), you don’t like anal. Why?

ASD: I just haven’t done it enough in my personal life to like it. I plan on learning more about my butthole. I’m gonna go to Butthole School. I think I have some good teachers.

ISP: Really. Name some of the Professors you’d like to study under at Butthole University.

ASD: Bobbi Starr, Kristina Rose, Phoenix Marie, and Dana DeArmond. They would be my professors in the Art of Asshole.

ISP: Do you have any porn star friends you go to for general career advice?

ASD: Bobbi Starr.

ISP: Have you personally found it difficult to date people who know what you do for a living?

ASD: At first, yes. Three years ago, when I first got started, I had a boyfriend who claimed he was OK with me doing porn and being naked on the internet, and after my first scene, he told me he wanted to kill himself, and that he was going to start doing heroin that day — and he did. You can actually see part of this — not the heroin part — but the rest of his behavior, in Dana DeArmond’s Role Modeling.

ISP: Ever feel exploited?

ASD: I have before, but I exploit myself for a living, so no harm done.

ISP: What is the biggest misconception about girls who perform in our business?

ASD: They they will fuck anyone at any time for free.

ISP: Wha?! Even me?! You won’t fuck me for free?

ASD: I don’t fuck anyone for free, except my boyfriend…who, by the way, I’m getting paid to fuck tomorrow on set.

Interview with a Porn Star (#71) — Velicity Von

I Shoot Porn: Where did your name come from?

Velicity Von: I made it up. Do you want me to go into detail?

ISP: Yes.

VV: I wanted to use my real name, but my first agent told me that wasn’t safe. So then I was trying to come up with names that rhyme with my middle name. My agent came up with Felicity Faye, but there was already a girl named that. I didn’t want to use a name that was already taken. My agent came up with Velicity Von, and I think she got it from the supermarket.

ISP: What is the biggest misconception about girls who are adult actresses?

VV: Probably that we’re just sluts, I guess. I know we are, but…(laughs loudly).

ISP: Do you watch your own scenes?

VV: I’ve only watched like one full scene. Big Wet Asses 9 or 11. I don’t remember. I don’t like listening to myself is what it is. I don’t mind looking at myself. I just can’t listen to the noises I make. I’ve heard myself and I thought if I was a dude and jacking off, I’d hate myself!

ISP: Does any scene stand out as the most difficult or intense?

VV: My first DP was with Steve Holmes and Erik Everhard, and, um…it was for Jules Jordan. I just, like…struggled with the scene. I thought it was horrible. It was an anal cream pie, and I was new to anal, and I was worried…

ISP: You were worried about what all girls worry about when it’s in the booty…that shit would happen?

VV: Exactly! It was an anal cream pie, and I’d have to push the cum out, and I was worried it would get dirty. I went through a whole box of baby wipes, but I wasn’t messy. It was mental. You wanna hear something funny? I rarely do anal at home, but when I walk on set and become Velicity Von, no problem.

ISP: Your early experiences with sex: Did you have a “crazy” sex life before you got into the business? Ever do a 3-some or a gang bang?

VV: Yes. You know…I’ve done it all. I’ve had trains run on me. (laughs loudly). Where do I even begin? Do you know how I lost my virginity?

ISP: Please tell.

VV: I was 15. Me and my girlfriend were over at a boy’s house. Um, it was him and his cousin, and they were both 15, and there was another dude there who was 18. We knew these boys. I had a crush on the 18 year old. She had a crush on one of the 15 year olds. I caught her making out with the 18 year old, and it pissed me off. I wanted him! So I went downstairs and the two of them ended up railing me. They took turns. That could be why I’m like this, huh? (laughs) Anyways, after that, no one in my high school would be my boyfriend.

ISP: Thongs, bikinis, or granny panties – which do you wear?

VV: It depends. No panties sometimes, sometimes thongs, or else cute little boy shorts.

ISP: Do you like your bacon thin & crispy, or thick & chewy?

VV: Crispy!

ISP: What did you want to be when you were 10 years old?

VV: I can’t remember at 10. Probably something like a vet.

Gia Paloma, make-up artist: Every girl wants to be a vet…and marry a cowboy…and live on a giant ranch.

ISP: Have you found it difficult to date people who aren’t in the biz and know what you do? Or do you feel we’re all relegated to dating fellow sex workers?

VV: I dated someone who wasn’t in the biz, and it was horrible. He would put me down for it. I also love black cock, and he would call me all sorts of nasty names. It’s very hard. I was being with someone who wouldn’t let me be me. Now I’m dating a fellow sex worker and it’s good. Perfect.

ISP: So we’re all doomed to date porno people.

VV: (Laughs)

ISP: Are you good friends with any other female porn stars?

VV: Not really. There’s girls I talk to, but not really.

ISP: What did you want to be when you were 20 years old?

VV: I wanted to do porn. When I was 12 I wanted to be a Playboy Bunny. The porn came when I was in high school…after I started to have sex. Actually, I grew up in Michigan, and I wanted to be a Déjà Vu girl. A stripper. I thought girls that did sex work were Goddesses to me. A lot of it had to do with the way I’d see guys react to strippers and nudie models.

ISP: If a penis could ejaculate anything other than semen, what do you wish a penis would shoot out during the money shot!?

VV: Anything? Like…anything in the world?

ISP: Yes mam.

VV: How about a big, fat joint. Could you imagine that? Popping out of a dick and smoking it?

ISP: Do you want any traffic to your myspace or Twitter?

VV: I Twitter.

ISP: Why in the world is your Twitter private? That’s dumb. How can I stalk you?

VV: Well, there’s a lot of dirty pics on my Twitter. I put nasty pics up there. I’m an adult…and a girl needs her privacy.

ISP: Oh, trust me…I’ve heard that one before.