Emma Mae — should a model be 21 to get into Porn Valley?

I’ve always maintained a model should be at least 21 to be able to star in dirty movies.


If I was King of Porn Valley, I’d write up an executive order and make it effective immediately.

Nothing against 18-and-19-year-and-20 year olds, but y’all don’t know nearly as much as you think you do. Trust me, I know this cause it wasn’t that long ago I was a know-it-all, pain-in-the-ass teenager.

And putting your shit out there in dirty movies is forever.

Emma Mae is a decade older than when I conducted this interview, and if I could find her an ask her the same question right now, what do you think her replies would be?

Fun to see old stuff and to think back to what I was doing in 2010. What I was doing was trying to make creative pictures. If a model was down, I’d pay her a few extra bucks. When I put the models in panda masks and had them do mundane activities,  I thought it was a genius idea.



Emma Mae interviewed and photographed by Billy Watson September 2010 at his studio in Porn Valley.

Emma Mae cleaning the toilet in a panda mask


One thought on “Emma Mae — should a model be 21 to get into Porn Valley?”

  1. You can use the same argument for the age of obtaining your driver’s licence. Based on the fact that 16-17 year olds lack maturity, the minimum age should be at least 18. There’s a difference between operating a heavy deadly object like a vehicle, and having sex, though. I’d say the age could actually be lowered to say 17, or whatever the age of consent is in a certain area (where I live, it’s 16). Assuming the person has parental approval.

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