Interview with a Pornstar — SlimThick Vic

Vic Marie — aka SlimThick Vic — sat down with me before her scene with Mr. POV.  You probably know I like to make my interviews “pod-casty”, for lack of a better term. Whether or not you know Vic’s work, her 30+ minute interview was great! Check it out and make sure you check out her scene, too!

One thought on “Interview with a Pornstar — SlimThick Vic”

  1. Hey Billy,
    I’ve come to realize I must have been a fan of your work for at least a decade if not longer, having enjoyed everything from spunkmouth, jomg, eat some ass, to the dogfart stuff. I was just curious why the older sites like spunkmouth and jomg stopped getting updated.

    Was also curious why you shifted from text interviews with pornstars to video ones. I personally liked having the text ones.

    Hope to here from you!

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