An interview with Cassandra Calogera.

Anyone remember Cassandra Calogera? I sure do. A sweetheart to have on set, and a terrific performer to boot. But why am I posting an interview that’s over a decade old, and looks a little funky (depending on what device  you’re using right now — the bigger the screen, the funkier the video).

I love looking at old things…from the pictures I find at flea markets to the car I drive. I love old stuff, so when I discovered there was a gadget called Blackmagic by  company called Teranext that upscales old video shot in SD at 720 x 480 to HD 16:9, I thought I’d give it a whorl. So yea…it does a pretty good job. I mean it’s not flawless, but it’s passable. And like I said, if you’re looking at this on a mobile device or a tablet, it’s pretty damn good.

This interview was conducted 5 February, 2010, at my studio in Los Angeles.

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